Anti-acne Rules and Routine

For mild to moderate acne there are things you can do to get rid of it! Some of these may seem obvious but put them all together and you have a sure-fire, kick-ass, reliable way to reduce and even cure acne FOR GOOD.

1. Switch to mineral makeup - zinc oxide is actively good for the skin. Non-clogging, oil free. Click here for more; Mineral make-up for acne-prone skin

2. The oil cleansing method each night - open your pores, cleanse (read my detailed guide here) and rinse with water.

3. Apple cider vinegar toner - twice a day this toner is wonderful with 4 hero ingredients.

4. Wash makeup brushes regularly - acne bacteria, dead skin cells, old moisturiser, oil, all sitting on your brush and breeding bacteria. . .then you pick it up and rub it all over your face - bleughk!

5. Don't touch your face - all the things we touch in the day, that bacteria is on your hands, don't wipe it into your pores.

6. Wash hands before touching the face - applying make-up, cleansing, moisturising; make sure your fingers are clean.

7. Don't skip the deep cleansing masks - 1-2 times a week or a quick 5 minute sauna one after a long day. More tips on when to apply your facemasks here.

8. . . .or hydrating masks - to restore moisture after that deep cleanse! 1 ingredient DIY facemasks here.

9. Exfoliate regularly but not too regularly - dead skin cells will block your pores. Chemical exfoliation can be done everyday, physical exfoliation a maximum of 3 times a week.

10. Take advantage of open pores - after a shower/bath/working out stick a mask on

11. Never put make-up on top of oil - ALWAYS blot before touching up a shiny face, a tissue is fine (no weird powder/oil paste sitting our skin!)

12. Blot - even if you're not reapplying make-up; oil blotting sheets are great throughout the day but tissue will do too.

13. Read skincare ingredients - know your stuff, look at the cleansing and toner guides and if you're worried just Google it! Read about three powerhouse ingredients here.

14. Drink 2-3 litres of water per day - the oldest tip in the book for a reason! If you do nothing else on this list do this one. Remember, your body needs water for a lot of important processes before sending it to your skin, so load up on that hydration!!

Here's a random picture of a squirrel to make you smile. He sneaks into our garden, we call him the Count!

These are the basic tips I followed which, when I put them all together, cured my acne and have continued to do so. No acne pills, no scary creams which turn my skin flaky and no huge price tags on my products. I'll be posting about some of these rules in more detail as we go along but for now, follow them, brew up the toner and enjoy clear skin.

Good luck!!

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