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Hi all!

The times they are a changing and so is this blog. When I started out I started with a personal blog and a beauty blog and very soon found out that just trying to get one blog off the ground is hard enough let alone 2! So Promising Yellow and Promising Beauty are combined into one lifestyle blog. A girly lifestyle blog. :-)

Promising Beauty takes on a new meaning - not just beauty products but beauty in nature, beauty in positivity, cheerful blog posts and beauty in art, food, pets, yellow and whatever else takes my fancy! 

Reading a beauty blog can be like turning up to a dance class when everybody else already knows most of the steps, you want to say "enough! Just go back to the beginning!"

All you really want to know is 'how do I make sure I don't get any more spots/dry patches/fine lines?'

Me too! I'm hoping this blog is for you; it'll take you from the beginning (just why is exfoliation so important?) through to fine tuning your skincare regime (vitamin C serum in the evening, BHA gel in the morning). 

As for Promising Yellow, my love of the colour yellow, specifically sunshine yellow, started young and has become a part of my personality as a defining characteristic! I remember how much I loved the yellow flowers in my grandparent's garden as a child, my yellow umbrella my parents bought for me and my favourite yellow dress that I wore on summer holidays. One particularly low time when I was sitting in a traffic jam, worrying, I turned my head and saw one very tall, bright-yellow sunflower. It's as if the universe was sending me a message to be happy, it would all turn out well.

So now Promising Yellow and Promising Beauty are combined and this will be a blog where you can come for positive thoughts, travel diaries, advice on skincare and cute nail art designs! There'll also be a photo or too of my beautiful little dog and the sneaky squirrels that steal bird seed from the garden.

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Ciao for now
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