My Acne Story

So, here we go.

I think most non-acne-sufferers don't understand that acne kind of takes over your life. When you wake up the first thing you do is touch your face to see if there are any new spots, you look in the mirror to check the spots you already have. When you look at photos of yourself you're looking at your skin, when you're talking to someone you're thinking 'are my spots covered up? Do I need to retouch my makeup? Are they looking at my spots?'. When you go to bed at night you put on yet another skincare product and hope it'll be better in the morning. You spend all day, every day aware of these things on your face and most of the time you feel completely helpless to stop it.

Those who've never suffered with it, lucky you! But try to understand what it's like for those of us who have because one day it may affect you.

My acne developed when I hit about 19, mostly on my chin and some on my forehead. It wasn't cystic and my heart goes out to those who do suffer from cystic acne. But it was constant; there were always new ones coming as the old scabs were healing up. I had scars from those which had long gone and my chin felt bumpy and clogged.

I spent years putting on thick concealer - just making it worse! -  and buying products hoping this would be the one to fix my skin. The skincare industry is great at marketing so when their products didn't work I just asked why does it work for everyone else but not for me?

I shopped and became an expert of every shelf! I knew exactly what every product was meant to do. Sometimes I would scrub my chin twice a day, I used harsh astringents and exfoliants, and surprise surprise, my skin got worse. I knew that steaming helped so I would hold a burning flannel to the acne areas and hope it was doing something. I used an exfoliating cleanser everyday and a useless mattifying 'moisturiser' to strip my skin of oil. I made all the mistakes which I could have avoided had Youtube been around back then!

Eventually I got pills from the doctor and they more or less worked - they also dried out my skin. After 2 years of taking them I googled the main ingredient and found that long term use causes water on the brain. . .  Scary!!! Needless to say I ditched the pills! But I knew the acne would return and I had to do things differently, 

So I sat down, did a TON of research and eventually arrived at a set of rules
 and a routine to follow which was backed up by research and NOT marketing 
or pretty posters. I knew it should absolutely ensure that I kicked acne's ass!

It worked! :-)

For anyone who has never suffered from acne don't you dare tell anyone who has or does that clear skin can't change your life. Maybe beauty shouldn't be that important but acne damn well is.

Apart from an allergic reaction to some AWFUL makeup which was solved by the oil cleansing method, I'm more or less acne free. Hurrah! When I look back at all the crap I went through, all the time I spent squeezing and picking and just looking at my acne I will never take clear skin for granted.

I know there are hundreds out there who've experienced the same thing, maybe you're still battling? I hope I can help. Maybe you have more tips you could throw into the pot? Great! Let's help eachother.

If you're the one with great skin and a spot-prone friend hopefully now you have some insight into what his/her world is like.

If you want to know the routine and rules I follow to make sure my skin stays clear click here. If you want to know about my allergic reaction and the fabulous oil cleansing method I used for near instant relief, click here.

And if you have a reaction to this article please post down below,
but remember this is my personal story and only supportive comments will be appreciated,

Ciao for now


  1. I suggest trying aloe vera juice and putting that on your face at night where the scars are.

    1. If any of you are really looking for a detailed guide I'd recommend it really helped me get over my acne. One of teh best guides imo. There is just so much BS on the web regarding acne. A lot of it is false/myth, so that guide ^^ helped me out. Real stuff.

      Hope it helps,
      And I really hope everyone reading this gets over their acne soon!!! Always remember you are beautiful no matter what.
      <3 Amy

    2. Absolutely Amy! There really are so many misconceptions floating around about acne, any resources you can share would be much appreciated by everyone I'm sure :-)


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