Tuesday, September 20

Indeed Labs' long awaited Vitamin C24 -- FINALLY!

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Vitamin C, the holy grail of brightening, anti-ageing and turning back the clock, oh how I love it! Let me first say that this is not sponsored (unfortunately); I have been sent no free products from my fave skincare line; Indeed Labs. I am simply a skincare fangirl for this amazing range that has transformed my anti-ageing skincare regime over the last few years.

Earlier in the summer Indeed Labs FINALLY launched a Vitamin C serum. Anyone who has tried to find a good Vitamin C serum will know just how expensive it can get. This one from Indeed Labs is not cheap but doable at £24.99 - especially when you take into account the special offers at Boots and how little product you actually need.

Indeed labs vitamin C24 snti ageing face serum. Anti oxidant for fine lines and wrinkles. Indeed laboratories box and tube for review.
Vitamin C24
My favourite anti-oxidant comes in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid at a whopping 22%; it's a thick cream with a texture unlike anything else I've used. It absorbs quickly, turns my face completely matte and gives a slight stinging sensation which is totally normal and strangely reassuring that the Vitamin C is in there and doing its thing.

Everyone's Favourite Anti-Oxidant!
Vitamin C goes has shown again and again (in clinical trials) that it not only protects skin against ageing, but is one of the only topical ingredients to have a noticeable effect on smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. It retexturises, tops up our antioxidant shield and scares away free radicals and pollution; if you don't have a Vitamin C product in your arsenal - get one!

I combine this with Indeed Labs Retinol Reface every other night and my skin is never softer or more youthful looking. Come back in a week or so for a full round up of my essential products from Indeed Labs.

How To Use
It's essential to use Vitamin C correctly;
1. Always use at night-time - it is instantly destroyed and rendered useless by sunshine. Any antioxidants need time to do their work.

2. Don't let air inside the tube - As best you can, squeeze out what you need then put the lid back on before releasing the tube and letting air in. If there's air in the tube the precious treasures inside will start to deteriorate.

Basically, protect any antioxidant product from sunlight and air.

I've been using it for around 3 months in this way(every other night); I still have lots of product left and, no surprise, my skin is showing improvements and, yes, fine lines have been noticeably reversed. My skincare routine is complete.

Have you had a try of this or any other Indeed labs products? Let us know your results below!


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