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A Manageable Change - Lazy Girl's Fitness Routine

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Over the years I've dipped in and out of various fitness routines but one thing remained the same - boredom and lack of effort, which has never resulted in Cameron Diaz-like arms. Recently, I've been mixing Blogilates and T25 to build my own, manageable workout programme...

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I started with a goal to workout 3 times a week at home in addition to 1 dance class. I created a ticksheet and added 5 short toning sessions too (just a few sets of squats, crunches and weightless arm exercises before bed). I really committed to it but, more importantly, kept it manageable and doable. When it's workout time I choose whatever workouts I please from T25 and the Blogilates YouTube channel and I've started seeing encouraging results!

Focus T25 screen shot Beta level Speed 2.0. Sean T cardio workout. At home fitness DVD, aerobics and toning to get fit and work out.

My 3 workout sessions;
* T25 cardio/speed x2
* Blogilates upto 30 minutes x1
* Blogilates Roar ab workout at the start of every session (around 4 minutes)

I throw in an extra one only if I feel like it but my target is 3. With such a manageable target to meet I achieve it every week  and feel good about my schedule; more than that and I'd see it as an unattainable chore to feel guilty about failing every week!

On my Blogilates day I pick around 4 videos to fill half an hour; Gangnam style, Daisy's dance workout, Heart on fire and a couple of others are among my most used.

Cassey Ho Blogilates screenshots from Katy Perry Roar ab workout challenge and heart on fire cardio work out. At home fitness and aerobic work outs from YouTube.
Blogilates Roar ab and inner thigh workout (bottom left) and Heart on Fire cardio workout.
I don't put pressure on myself to workout everyday, I keep it flexible and add other exercise only when I want to (dog walks, badminton, another T25 session). My aim was to make a start and stick to it and I'm happy to say that I see and feel a difference in my clothes, with my stamina and on the Wii fit (Love that little cheeky balance board).

A couple of weeks ago, with a foreign holiday coming up and 2 weddings in one weekend, I decided to go for it and try to workout everyday. I also realised I was slipping into my old habits of staying at my comfort level and not working hard enough, So, I took the plunge and moved up a level. To be continued.... :-)

Come back to read about my experience/review of T25 Beta level.


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  1. 3 times a week is doable for me but I wouldn't be able to workout every day!


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