Sunday, September 18

1 Hero Ingredient - Eye Cream, Hand Cream, Lip Balm & Facemask....

Perfect when you need a hard working multi-purpose, versatile product that does it all - save money, time and luggage space if you're travelling! Drum roll please.... Shea Butter!

My big block of Shea Butter of 100g costs only £2.99 from Naissance - compare that with a 150ml tube of L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream which costs around £19. My 100g goes on and on; here's how I've been LOVING it!

Black eyeliner with a flick, green eyes and peach eyeshadow. Small wing cat eye, lift down turned eyes.
Eye Cream
My absolute favourite; apply a thick layer under the eyes, on the temples and the lids; when I wake up I'm a toddler! I have some very fine lines under my eyes which make themselves seen at the end of the day when my skin is drying; I have definitely seen a big improvement since using the Shea Butter.

You can also apply a very very thin, barely there layer under the eyes before make-up; it keeps my eyes moisturised, stops those dry little lines and doesn't interfere with my concealer/foundation.

My first choice is always Palmer's Cocoa Butter but Shea Butter is a great  2nd choice! I apply it thickly as an overnight conditioning treatment and it's absorbed by morning.

Legs and Body
I've written here and here about my ongoing battles with shaving irritation, however, Shea Butter is apparently antibacterial and anti fungal, so if your own irritation is caused by either of these two things, Shea butter might be a huge help!

Legs with gold sandals and cobbles.
Over the years, our decollate and neck tend to get the most unprotected sun exposure, mine in particular is very dry from the sunburn I suffered as an idiot 16 year old!! Our decollate has no layer of fat underneath so is similar to our elbows and knees in needing that bit of extra care. Shea Butter is wonderful for keeping this area touchably soft.

Not too thick, easily absorbed - concentrate it on the backs of the hands to avoid that greasy fingertip feel in the day. For a real treat, apply an indulgent amount and wear some moisturising/cotton gloves overnight.

Face Serum
A recent trend among bloggers and vloggers in the Autumn/Winter was to apply a touch of facial oil before makeup to keep the skin hydrated - well, as an acne prone girl this was not successful for me; at all. Although the oil cleansing method worked a miracle in clearing my skin, wearing it during the day resulted in blocked pores everywhere. Instead, I've started applying a very small amount of Shea Butter as a serum along my cheeks, temple and jaw before my moisturiser - this is still a new addition, but so far so good.

Block of pure shea butter for moisturising and nourishing the face and body. Non comedogenic skincare for acne prone or oily skin.Facemask
If I'm spending the day at home, I'll apply a thick layer of Shea Butter to really nourish my skin without blocking my pores; easy, quick and low maintenance. I have a list of other fantastic 1 ingredient facemasks here, just click for more!

Especially brilliant for travelling, a block of Shea butter will cut down on products and - bonus, it's a solid block so won't cut into your liquids allowance on the plane!

Are you a Shea
Butter fan? Let me know your tips below!

Ciao for now,

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