Tuesday, December 15

Easy Christmas Treats - Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Chocolate and Brazil nuts - what could be easier. cheaper to make and yummier?! My family loves chocolate Brazils at Christmas time but for some reason they're pretty expensive these days. Luckily, home-made treats are always appreciated so grab your apron and let's create!

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 You will need...

 Chocolate, about 100g-150g depending on size - whatever kind you like, you don't need cooking chocolate and it doesn't need to be fancy, the European brands from Aldi and Lidl are good choices as they have a mild nutty flavour like Ritter's 'Alpine Chocolate'.

Brazil nuts - we like a whole brazil nut in the middle but you can usually buy "brazil nut halves" slightly cheaper if you prefer

A cake pop tray - or an ice cube tray or chocolate flower tray, basically any kind of tray with individual shapes but I like the half cake pop shape.
A saucepan and bowl or microwave (I finally have a microwave after 9 months going crazy without one!)

1.) Melt the chocolate - If melting in the microwave take out and stir every 20 seconds. If on the hob put about 2 - 3 inches of boiling water in a saucepan and your bowl on top; make sure the water doesn't touch the bowl or the chocolate will 'seize' (become stiff and gritty) and be unusable.

2.) Assemble your treats - Place a brazil nut in each little mold and spoon melted chocolate over the top - be as generous as you like but make sure the nut is covered.

Use anything you like for the topping but if you want crushed brazils like me just use the bottom of a pint glass and crush each nut; the best way I've found and really easy. You could also use white chocolate chips, honeycomb, smarties, sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed candy cane - anything you have tucked away in your baking drawer.

 Once they've hardened simply pop them out and decide how to package them!

I chose an ex-scented-candle jar (which has been thoroughly washed and aired out) and then it was a simple case of double sided tape and a cute paper label. Then I did what I always do when I need a touch of ribbon - I went through my wardrobe and snipped off some of those annoying little tags that are always attached to women's clothing. You could attach any kind of little Christmassy decoration you like; bells, pine cones, glittery prettiness.

Place under the tree and enjoy!

Totally yummy and super easy. Perfect if your present offerings are lacking a little, you can just pop round the off licence or cornershop and grab what you need, and a great addition to a Christmas hamper or giftbox.

Merry Christmas all, I'm currently enjoying gazing at the beautiful Ben Barnes in Narnia; Prince Caspian, a lovely afternoon!



  1. Hi Bobbyanne, this is a wonderful idea! I've wanted to get my Mum something small to add to her present and wasn't sure what to get. She loves chocolate Brazils and we don't get chocolate them here, but I know where I can buy some Brazil nuts and will coat them myself.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!



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