Saturday, December 19

Dos and Don'ts of Gift Giving

Christmas is HERE and in the spirit of all things fun and festive here is a look at some of the Dos and Don't of gift giving!! Some of these are useful, some are tongue-in-cheek - do you have any Dos and Don'ts?

...And if you're having trouble finding those last minute gifts in time, check out this list of 17 Gifts When You're Stuck For Ideas.

Do give something they'll use up - check out this list for lots of great ideas - candles, hot chocolate, bath treats, baked goodies etc

Don't become their decorator - ornaments, paintings and nik naks are very personal matters of taste, don't buy unless you're sure!

Do choose easy pieces- the exceptions to the above rule are scented candles and photo frames - just don't make the frame too big! 

Don't try to 'change their mind' - if they're very vocal about something they dislike, don't think 'oh but they'll like this one!' they wont - case in point, someone once bought me furry boot toppers.... it's a no from me...

Do think of them as you buy - football tickets? Couples aromatherapy massage? His and Hers gym membership??? Are you sure you're not just buying something that you'd like? It's the thought that counts - so think of them

Don't make it too big - a giant friendship collage is very sweet but consider if they have the space for it and, do they want it?

Do use your skills - are you a whizz in the kitchen? Can you make jewellery? Can you use a pyrography tool? A great dressmaker? Use your skills to impress! Scan Pinterest and YouTube for ideas and check out these easy Christmas Treats - Chocolate Covered Brazils Nuts.

Don't buy perfume - unless you know for sure that they like it

Do make it look pretty and give in advance - part of the fun of receiving gifts is having it there under the tree, looking beautiful. If it's given late and you have to open it right away, you're missing out on the pleasure of anticipation.

Don't go too far down the novelty route - giant slippers that light up and sing will soon be slung to the back of a cupboard never to be seen again

Do wait until you're alone - if you've bought something suggestive for after dark, don't open it on Christmas morning with all the family watching, wait until you're alone together.

Don't use this opportunity to reveal your long-held Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies - a blind fold is one thing but have a discussion before you present a selection of whips, handcuffs and paddles!!

Do get a gift receipt! - so they can return it...

Don't get offended - if they do return what you buy; maybe it doesn't work for them, maybe it just isn't their taste, maybe they know they won't use it or maybe there's just something else they want more -- try not to take it personally, I've returned a lot of things over the years but I've always felt grateful and was touched by the thought.

 And finally, Do remember Christmas is much more about having fun, together, than what's wrapped under the tree, so eat, drink and be merry! 
Merry Christmas
Joyeaux Noel
Happy Holidays
Feliz Natal


  1. Some great tips there! I find some people so easy to buy for - like my Dad for instance, he just gives me a list of DVDs he wants! My mum on the other hand isn't so easy...."oh you know what I like!" - helpful!! #pocolo

    1. I'm the complete opposite with my own parents!


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