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DIY Beauty - 1 Ingredient Facemasks!

1 area where I really do think the kitchen cupboards are the best option are facemasks! What's more, you don't even need a long list of ingredients to make a nourishing, soothing and brightening treat for your skin; there are a bunch of ingredients which work perfectly well as facemasks all on their own.

From overnight to 15 minutes, here are my favourite 1 ingredient facemasks!

1. Honey
Definitely a hero skincare ingredient - great for acne AND hydration!
BENEFITS: hydrating, soothing, anti-acne, antibacterial and brightening
HOW TO: Simply apply a layer onto your skin with your finger tips, leave it on as long as you like and rinse off. 10 minutes or an hour? it's up to you! I wouldn't recommend sleeping in this one...

Bowl of honey for skincare beauty. DIY facemask.

*Honey becomes much runnier as it warms so don't apply too much!
*It's particularly good if you have an event later as it works wonders as a brightening treatment.
*As soon as you add water to your face to rinse away, the stickyness disappears - it's much easier to remove than you may think.
*For an extra benefit, use it to cleanse with in the mornings

Read more about honey; Skincare Hero Ingredients - HONEY!

2. Coconut Oil
A beauty buzzword and gaining popularity!
BENEFITS: Hydrating, moisturising, softening, cleansing. Coconut oil closely mimics the texture of our skin's natural oil, won't block pores.
HOW TO: warm it between your palms or on the back of your hand until it becomes liquid, apply a generous amount to your face, leave it on throughout the day or sleep in it overnight for an extra treat - even for acne-prone girls, it won't break us out.

*Much of it will be absorbed by your skin so don't hold back - be generous
*Don't be fooled by the fact that it's an 'oil' - it won't block your pores
*Try using it as a cleanser if you try the oil cleansing method

3. Bentonite Clay a.k.a. Fuller's Earth (and water)
Ok, this one's 2 ingredients, technically, but surely water doesn't count right???
BENEFITS: Deep cleansing, purifying, anti-bacterial, anti-acne, pore-cleansing
HOW TO: take a tsp of clay and mix with enough water for a thick but smooth consistency - similar to whipped cream. Apply to your face - particularly the T-zone for around 10 - 20 minutes.

DIY facemask bentonite clay mask for anti acne deep cleansing. Beauty and skincare.
*For combination/normal/dry skin types, concentrate this only on the T-zone
*Add a drop or 5 of tea tree oil to kick it up a notch
*It takes a bit of time to mix into a smooth consistency but you can do it in the palm of your hand with your finger or with a mini whisk in a small bowl
*Particularly good when you're in the bath and your pores are open
*Follow with a soothing mask/toner/moisturiser to reduce any redness that you may experience (it's perfectly normal if you do.)

4. Rosehip oil
Similar to the coconut oil treatment, you can sleep in this one for a dramatic overnight difference!
BENEFITS: Hydrating, soothing, healing, anti-ageing, particulalry good for healing acne scars
HOW-TO: Apply a generous layer, spend some time massaging with your knuckles or fingertips, leave on for as long as you like. For best results leave it for a few hours or even overnight

*To help in healing acne scars, spend around a minute massaging over those areas (be aware that it will only heal discoloration and not physical skin depressions where tissue is missing, otherwise known as 'pock marks')
*Again, lots will be absorbed by your skin so be generous
*If you leave it on overnight, try to sleep on your back - manky pillow cases, yuk!
*For my acne-prone sisters, I have been using this for years as my evening moisturiser and it has never broken me out, this is a great choice if you have acne-prone but dehydrated/dry skin

5. Natural Yoghurt
You can add oatmeal when you've got more time or inclination to take this one up a notch - particularly good for acne-prone and sensitive skin and dry skin.....errrm all skin really!
BENEFITS: Anti-bacterial, cleansing, mildly exfoliating due to the lactic acid, hydrating, soothing/calming
HOW TO: use a foundation brush (grab a cheap one from primark/dollar store) to paint onto your face, leave on for as long as you can - I usually aim for 20 - 40 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and a massaging action.

Natural yoghurt for skincare and sensitive skin. DIY facemask.

*A hero ingredient if you have redness or sensitivity
*Particularly good for calming allergic reactions and rashes
*Thicken it up with a touch of oatmeal or oat flour
*If you're one of those strange people who enjoy cold things on your face, you'll like this straight from the fridge...
*... otherwise, leave it out for a while to warm up to room temperature (I have issues with cold things...)

6. Oatmeal/oatflour (and water)
Along with honey and yoghurt, oats are an absolute hero!! Put them in a blender to make them powdery and easier to use (and yes, I'm using water again, but water doesn't count as an 'ingredient' surely?)
BENEFITS: soothing, cleansing, calming, softening, mildly gently exfoliating
HOW TO: grind up in a blender to make oatflour/oatmeal, mix with water and apply to your face. Don't worry if there are little holes, as long as your skin is enjoying the milky liquid , you'll be getting the benefits. After 20 minutes - an hour, massage as you rinse off for some gentle exfoliation.

Oats or oatmeal for DIY beauty facemasks. Acne prone and sensitive skin skincare.

*This is the one most likely to cause a mess so it's great to use in the bath
*Mix it with natural yoghurt for a double dose of nourishment
*Use it to cleanse with for daily soothing, anti-acne benefits (and virtually free!)
*If you leave this for any length of time, the oats will thicken the mixture until it becomes 'set' so try to use it straight away
*Rinse out the container immediately - oats+water+time=concrete!
*Excellent for soothing allergic reactions and redness

7. Oat milk
A variation of the one above for those who love sheet masks!
BENEFITS: Soothing, calming, nourishing, anti-acne
HOW TO: mix around 1tbsp of oats with plenty of warm water in a bowl, stir it around and leave for a minute or so. When the water looks milky, take out the oats and soak your compressed facemask (cheap cheap cheap from ebay) in the mixture - add more water if you need to. Apply to your face, let sit for 20 - 40 minutes (it really depends on your time), rinse away.

*You can replace the water with milk for extra softening benefits
*Rinse the oats first to wash away the first, slimy layer of liquid
*Really squeeze out the oats as you remove them - you can even do it with a muslin cloth if you have one handy
*Great to do if you have an event later, as it'll brighten your skin
*Excellent for soothing allergic reactions and redness

8. Activated Charcoal (and water)
This is becoming more and more readily available as it gains popularity as a teeth whitener and can be bought in tiny quantities for equally tiny amount of money from ebay, amazon, etc.
BENEFITS: Anti-acne, deep cleansing
HOW TO: take a small amount - less than half a tsp, mix with water and paint on using a foundation brush. Leave for 10-20 minutes, rinse off.

*WARNING! - this one is super messy!! The powder is so fine and so black, that it's easy to make a mess so be careful
*Swap the water for apple cider vinegar and only apply on your t-zone for a super anti-acne mask
*Combine with bentonite clay and a touch of warmed honey to keep it from drying as quickly and bump up the benefits
*Follow with a soothing mask/toner/moisturiser to reduce any redness that you may experience (it's perfectly normal if you do.)

9. Avocado
I heard an old saying somewhere 'she who can harness the oil of the avocado, can harness eternal youth' - the large amount of fat make it perfect for anti-ageing! A great one if your avocado is too mushy to eat or if the supermarket is selling off the expired avocados at 20p!
BENEFITS: anti-ageing, moisturising, nourishing,
HOW TO: Wait until it's past its best and soft and mushy, mush it up and apply to your face. Use a blender or a fork to get the smoothest consistency you can and apply a generous layer with your foundation brush or the back of a teaspoon - an excellent smoothing out tool. Leave on for 10 - 40 minutes or even longer depending on your time and remove.

*Remove easily by first scraping off as much as you can with your teaspoon, then rinsing with water
*You can freeze any extra and save for another day
*If it's too hard, add a touch of water or milk to make blending easier
*You can buy avocado oil from but beware - it stinks!
*if you're worried about blocking up your sink, drop the mask into the toilet instead as you scrape it off with a teaspoon

We're all lazy sometimes - but that doesn't mean we can't all pamper ourselves, have great skin and mix up a little magic in our kitchen!

For more DIY beauty recipes check out the list st the top for cleansers, masks, and a post-shave soothing spritz for irritated legs.

Do you have any 1-ingredient facemasks of your own?

Ciao for now

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