Friday, November 20

Snapshots of Autumn on Instagram #7

Autumn is here and brings the prettiest photo opportunities - here are my favourite recent Instagram shots frommy Instagram account; @PromisingYellow

fiery autumn leaves in the fall. Bronze and copper leaves on a big birch tree (i think it's birch...). Spotted in staffordshire, england during dog walking.

Autumn Beautiful Autumn! Fall, Fiery Fall - no matter what you call it, our transitional seasons always bring a riot of colour and at this time of year, when the low afternoon sun casts a golden glow on already warmed, bronze leaves it's just too good to ignore! This huge tree is on our doggie walking route so one of us got the camera out while the other had a good sniff...

Red berries on a magical rowan tree in the british countryside during the late summer or early autumn with lovely green leaves.

Up until a couple of weeks ago all the trees were leaden with big fat bunches of berries like these - 'Season of mists and mellow fruifulness...etc etc'

Crunchy, golden cumble topping for apple and blackberry crumble. Autumn desserts, pudding with custard.
Speaking of fruit, our crab apple tree in the garden was particularly generous this year meaning we've been eating apple crumble solidly for over a month now and my freezer is chocked full of more. Don't be fooled by the spots - crab apples have a delicious flavour to bake with when cooked.

Autumn fall craft with berries and autumn flora and fauna in a mason jar with yellow water gems.

If you haven't already seen my post "A jar full of Autumn; bring the autumn indoors" then head on over there now for the easiest crafty project. Adaptable and totally free!

Cream coloured spherical rose patterned candle with a glowing cosy flame.

Of course, candles are everywhere right now and add such a cosy feel to the room.

Sparrows in an apple tree during autumn winter in the british countryside on a crisp, cold morning.

This is one of my favourite shots! We have loads of sparrows which visit our garden daily and these greedy little chaps were settled in my neighbours' apple tree waiting for breakfast. It was a perfect Autumn morning - cold, grey, misty crisp - gorgeous!

Evergreen conifer tree with the sun shining through the leaves in autumn or fall.

Despite the dropping temperatures there are still some evergreens around and every now and then you might even see the sunshine in little old Blighty...

movie collage of easy virtue, an english period comedy drama with fantastic period costume and amazing cast including colin firth and jessica biel. by Noel Coward.
Movie collage of 90s teen movie the cutting edge, autumn fall movie about winter olympics, figure skating, ice skating.

These 2 collages were created for 'Fall into Film:11 Autumn movies for Cosy Nights' and these are my 2 favourite collages from 2 very different films! The top one is Easy Virtue, a Noel Coward comedy from 2013 I think with Jessica Biel, the bottom one is a 90s teen movie - The Cutting Edge, a perfect winter movie and much better than just a teen movie!

Autum fall crafts. Decorative plants in the back garden.

And I'm ending with one last shot from the 'jar full of Autumn' post because it's just so pretty!

Hope you're enjoying this season - I'm absolutely freezing!!! I'm living on hot cocoa and tea.

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Ciao for now

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