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DIY Decorative Frames for Irregular Shaped Pictures

Easily make your own faux frame in whatever colours you choose; the colour+border make it a design feature in itself, especially if you go big! 

This is perfect if you have a picture with irregular measurements, it's fully customisable to your own decor and not in the least bit tricky - I promise! 

You can modify the colours, play with the frame size and, best of all, it's super cheap and easy- these frames add real flair to the room.

 About a year ago I ordered 5 posters from Truprint and they were such an odd dimension that they didn't fit any standard size frames! So they sat in the corner just gathering dust - until I got into problem-solving mode.

What you'll need:
- A large canvas, big enough for your picture; look in the pound shops and bargain shops, I buy mine for £1.99 from Home Bargains
- (Optional) Paint colour of your choice for the background - tester pots are perfect
- PVA glue
- Glitter
- Masking tape
- Something to fix your photo to the canvas - sticky velcro, double sided sticky tape or just regular sellotape)

1. Paint your canvas, 2 coats - (If you want to leave it white, you can of course skip this step!)

I picked up a couple of tester paint pots from Wilkos in the exact colours to match our bedroom (teal and blackcurrant). Tester pots are brilliant for this - the perfect size, good quality paint and usually under £2 each!

Use a paintbrush, sponge applicator or mini roller. Be aware that if using a paintbrush, it will leave brush strokes in the finish.

2. Measure out your border and lay your masking tape

Make sure it's even all the way around; I used the width of the masking tape to measure with. Be aware that if you have very sticky masking tape it make take the paint off when you remove it, in this case remove some of the stickiness by laying it across your table or worktop first and peeling it off.

3. Mix your PVA and glitter together - the fun part!

Don't skimp on the glitter, buy a big tub, mine was just £1.99 from B&M bargains. There's no exact science to this, you want it thick enough that the glue will cover the paint but thin enough that it's still runny.

4. Paint on your glitter glue

Paint your glitter glue onto the edges of your canvas quite thickly, don't worry if there are some holes, you can easily apply another coat later.

IMPORTANT - peel off the masking tape now while the glue is still wet, if you let it dry first...well let's just say you'll have an ugly mess on your hands (yes, I learned from experience on this one.)

In my case I didn't get a crisp edge and that's probably because I used super cheap masking tape which wrinkled up with the wetness of the glue. As it's a border made of glitter, this doesn't bother me, but if it's important to you, of course you can use a better quality masking tape or try using two layers.

5. Let the glue dry - it'll take all night

This is the frustrating part for those who are as impatient as I - it takes aaaages to dry. If you're lucky enough to live in a warm, sunny clime then by all means, place it in a patch of hot sunshine to speed up the process, for the rest of us, it's the whole day or night.

6. Touch up your glittery border

If you have any holes where the paint is peeping through the glitter, simply mix up a little more glitter glue and paint it on. Of course, the masking tape is gone now, so you'll need to be extra careful along the edges!

7. Seal your glitter

After your glitter glue is dry simply paint over it with some plain PVA glue to seal all those sparkly little flecks into place.

8. Attach your photo

If you plan to change your picture you won't want a permanent fixing - try sticky backed velcro to chop and change the photos easily.

Alternatively, attach masking tape to the four corners of the picture (to make a little square in each corner) and the same on the canvas. Then use double sided sticky tape on top of the masking tape to stick the picture in place. This way, you can just peel off the masking tape without the double sided sticky tape damaging the paint or picture.

If this isn't a concern for you, you could always use push pins, sticky magnets or just good old fashioned sellotape looped around.

9. Enjoy!

I've now made 4 of these and they look gorgeous! They're so big and chunky that they add real interest to the room. The painted canvas mean they're a design feature all by themselves which perfectly match my decor and the glittery border is just so sparkly and festive - it looks great by candlelight!

You could get really creative with a double border; imagine a thick gold glitter border with a thinner pink glitter border half an inch in - perfect.

A £1.99 canvas, some tester paint posts and a bit of school glue mixed with glitter - not bad, hey?

If you give this a go, you must link me to your post or tweet me a picture, I'd love to see some different examples.

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  1. I love this idea!! I will definitely be doing this. My girls would love this craft!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm sure you'll create a beautiful version of your own :)

  2. This has really inspired me - they look amazing! #pocolo

  3. This is a very clever idea. All our wedding photos were printed at an odd size that we cannot buy frames for. Thanks for the inspiration! #pocolo

    1. Thanks, what a lovely comment and congratulations on your marriage :-D

  4. These look so beautiful - and are such a great idea! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x


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