Tuesday, November 3

A Winter Love Story - Cosy up with an Annual 'Ski-Holiday'

It's about this time of year when I kindle my cosy Autumnal spirit into full blown Winter Spirit (and dare I even utter the festive C word?) with Autumn/Winter Movies, (see my favourite 11 cosy movies here) Bailey's hot chocolate and my annual Ski Holiday with Cee Cee, Tonya, Jessica and Lauren in Jane Claypool Miner's 'A Winter Love Story'.

Do you remember Point Romance books? I still have quite the collection including this, my first and favourite: A Winter Love Story. As you can see it's well-read!! And that's because I've read it nearly every Winter since I was 13. 

Every year I return to Paradise Lodge, go skiing with Tonya and Lauren, hate Angel and fall in love with Davey and Jon all over again. It's a wonderful, warm story about 4 girls trying to have the ski trip of their lives while dealing with their own drama.

Green tights, yellow and purple sweater, orange and purple earrings --- aah yes, the 90s were interesting!
Cee Cee is probably the loudest and most colourful character but I just love Tonya. She's confident, assertive and self-assured yet completely falls apart when she meets Jon. All of a sudden she's acting like a brat, she makes silly decisions and basically doesn't know how to handle her first crush on this guy who draws her in but makes her angry at the same time! -- We've been there right?

I picked this out from the book fair as my year 7 prize for 'achievement'. On the inside page is this tantalising glimpse into the romance to come and I still remember standing in the school hall re-reading this page.

The blurb on the back cover and the opening extract to hook you in
I swear I've always wanted to be kissed on a bridge, in a forest, in the moonlight, in the snow. Because of this book (I can now tick off all 4 of those - just not at the same time!). It's also single-handedly responsible for my obsession with all things ski and ski holidays -- I have never been on a ski holiday but I fully expect it to be exactly like this!!

Winter/Christmas traditions and movies are all very well but a Wintery, cosy book is the best by far.

Anybody else out there remember and love their Point Romance stories?
Do you have any books that get you into that cosy wintery mood? 

I don't care if I'm 'all grown up now' I intend to visit paradise lodge every year for some years to come! 

Ciao for now

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