Tuesday, November 10

A Jar Full of Fall - Bring the Autumn Indoors!

Before Autumn finishes, I wanted to shoehorn in this quick and easy DIY project to help cosy-up your home for FREEEEEEEE!

A great, creative little project for couples, families and dog walkers! Go walking together through the countryside at sunset and collect any interesting finds, then compare what you create over some mulled wine or hot chocolate! Sort of a grown up art project - no glitter or sequins or crepe paper - and you have a beautiful instagram-worthy Autumnal decoration for your home!

Autumn's nearly over and the hills are alive with the sounds of rustling leaves! The landscape changes at this time of year, everything becomes red and gold, berries are fat and the flowers of summertime have changed. I wanted to bring some of that texture and autumnal warmth into my home.
The fields behind our home are full of all these strange fluffy plants (no idea what they are/were in summer?) and they were my centre piece. Anything that looked autumnal or had an interesting texture I just grabbed a handful. This was my little haul!!

When I got home I foraged in my garden for any other interesting colours and textures to to add into the mix and found a wonderful burgundy coloured bush full of these perfectly shaped, fanned out leaves - I took them too!

With my limited crafting skills I arranged them in my hands until they looked like something you'd find on Walton's mountain; pulling the grass up higher, putting the berries at the front etc. When I was happy with my little bundle I grabbed some long blades of grass and used them to tie the stems together (then I grabbed some sticky tape - there was no way the grass would hold!). 

I popped my little display into an empty Yankee Candle jar with some water gems and after 2 weeks the only thing that's withered are the burgundy leaves. Everything else looks the same as the day I picked them! 

I can't believe how easy this was- no materials, no money required, it gets you outside, together and gives your creativity freedom to roam. It would also be great with pine cones, conkers, chestnuts, little wispy branches holly -- all kinds of delightful little ornaments!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and forage!!

Ciao for now


  1. That is so true! I love going outside and pick up flowers or greens to arrange something at home. Kirsten x


    1. It's so nice to create something from scratch! :) x

  2. This looks lovely - such a neat idea too! :) #pocolo

    1. Thanks - I have a few of them occasionally ;-)

  3. This is stunning and would make a great centrepiece. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. Absolutely, and it'd be so much fun to make :)


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