Saturday, November 21

10 ways to Cheat your Winter Beauty Routine

Something about the dark nights and cold weather makes our Winter beauty regime seem more like a chore. I don't know about you but I'm much lazier in the colder seasons - I just can't be bothered!

If that sounds like you or you just want the whole thing to be a lot easier, here are some short cuts and cheats for your Autumn/Winter Beauty routine.

1. Hand Cream
I'm always buying it and never using it!

Cheat: Make it much more convenient by keeping a tube in your handbag, in your car, and/or by your bed. Whip it out at any boring moments during your day and pass 20-30 seconds massaging it in.

Bonus tip: only use a very small amount so it sinks in twice as quick!

2. Facemasks
Moisturising/hydrating/brightening facemasks are particularly important at this time of year check out the perfect times to apply your facemask to get the most out of them.

Superdrug natural radiance glycolic overnight mask. Chemical exfoliant aka AHA for acne and anti aging skincare.

Cheat: Use an overnight mask - no waiting, no mess, no shockingly cold sheet masks (brr!). Choose a specially formulated overnight mask like this Superdrug overnight glycolic peel or simply apply a generous amount of coconut oil, (oily/combination/acne prone) rosehip oil (dry/ageing/sensitive) or sweet almond oil (all skin types) to give your skin a nourishing treat.

Paula's choice skincare, chemical exfoliants for anti ageing and acne. Resist aha and skin perfector salicylic acid and glycolic acid.3. Exfoliation
Always important, but particularly in winter when we tend to wear more make up and our skin cells are drier.

Cheat 1 - FACE: Use a daily chemical exfoliator to take away the need for a weekly scrub or grab the Superdrug buffing sponge and give your face a quick polish every day when you cleanse. No mess, no hassle.

Cheat 2 - BODY: Keep a bag of sugar in the bathroom. Mix a handful with shower gel a la "the world's easiest DIY body scrub" or simply apply it neat on the areas that most need it when you're in the bath, for a quick scrub.

4. Lips
There's really no great shortcut for this one; keep a tube of lip balm with you at all times

Cheat: Don't spend too much and use a tube rather than a pot for quick application - Palmer's Cocoa Butter is the best of the best in my opinion and is only £1.69. Buy 5 and keep them everywhere.

5. Eye cream
Cheat: Again, keep it small and keep it with you, apply it whenever you think about it.

6. Hair Treatment
Like our skin, you may find that your hair gets drier during the Autumn/Winter and there are lots of hair masks and hot oil treatments which do a great job, however...

Cheat: Find a leave-in conditioner or a bottle of leave-in argan oil. Apply it before styling, leave it in. No need to wait and rinse - just apply and do. Bonus, this will also detangle your hair pretty effctively cutting out another job.

7. Body Moisturising
Ok, I confess, I barely ever remember, but my skin is 100% improved when I do.

Cheat 1: Apply the tiniest amount, rub it between your palms, quickly dab your hands along your arms or legs etc, then, give a quick smooth all over.

Vaseline intensive care body lotion, moisturiser for sensitive skin with a fluddy background.
Cheat 2: Rather than applying little and often, apply a thick amount all in one go, about once a week - beware though, this will take ages to sink in.

Cheat 3: after your bath or shower, before you dry yourself, apply baby oil all over then simply wipe away with your towel as normal, you may spend an extra few seconds in the cold, but you won't need to rub in lots of heavy cream afterwards.

8. Nails
Cuticles, filing and nail painting take much longer than anyone would guess, especially if your nails grow quickly and are tough to cut through like my own!

Cheat - Cuticles: Take off your cuticles while in the bath or shower, push back and scrape away what you can and follow up with a cuticle clipper afterwards - this part can be done dry, just be careful.

Autumn and winter nail varnish with Barry m gold glitter. Sparkly christmas manicure

Cheat - Colour: Use a dark colour - you'll only need 2 coats, apply a good topcoat over the top to make it last longer. Even if you're using the cheapest nail polish you can find (and I totes do!), a good topcoat will make it last. I myself favour the Barry M topcoat - nothing shifts the colour that Barry M seals in!

9. Make-up Brushes
It's so important to keep them clean, especially for us acne-prone girls! In winter we often use a lot more foundation and base so your brushes will need to be washed more often.

Cheat: Try to re-use the same brushes throughout application; wipe the brush across some tissue or paper towel after application of each item (powder, bronzer, blusher, highlighter) and you'll only have 1 or 2 brushes to wash - easy!

10. General Cheats
When it comes to hand cream, lip balm and eye cream; keep them in your handbag and any time during the day just whip them out and apply - on the train, stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for an appointment, in a long supermarket queue, drinking coffee in Costa, riding the escalator! Any little pocket of time, it only takes a couple of seconds to apply lip balm or squeeze out a small dollop of hand cream - especially if you keep them accessible.

Take off your make-up long before bedtime, as soon as you get home when you're still awake and fizzy from your day, take yourself upstairs and clean off the day - one less job to do at bedtime when you're tired and lazy!

I hope this gives you some ideas - they are all borne out of my own laziness, but like they say, necessity is the mother of invention!!

Do you have any beauty cheats or hacks to make our Winter Beauty Routine that much easier? Please leave them below...

Ciao for now


  1. Great beauty cheats! However I'm actually lazier with my makeup etc in summer when it's boiling hot and I just don't want anything on my face rather than in winter!

    1. Here in the UK I rarely feel 'boiling hot' so it's never a real issue... :-D

  2. I invested in a high quality, rapid dry topcoat for my nail polish, It speeds up the drying process and keeps my polish chip free for a little longer.

    1. Absolutely! All my nail polishes are a cheap as I can find but I have a great top coat too to make them last :-)

  3. Great tips! I'm always forgetting to apply body moisturizer, but one thing that works for me is to put it on about 15 minutes before going to bed. That way it has the opportunity to sink in, but you don't have to worry about it getting all oily on nice clothes (which is always a concern I have when applying it first thing in the morning).

    ALWAYS have access to lip balm and hand cream :)

    1. I'm always too lazy and cold at night time. . . :-/

  4. Lip balm is my #1 essential beauty product, I can't live without it no matter what time of the year it is (even in summer) since my lips get parched all too easily. Hand cream is fast becoming my #2 essential - I've noticed how much my nails & hands have improved since I started using it regularly.

    1. Absolutely - I always have to have a tube of lip balm tucked away in my handbag :)


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