Friday, September 11

The YouTube Videos that Changed my [Beauty] Life!

I 'discovered' YouTube back in 2011; a time when I had no idea what a chemical exfoliant was, I was still painting my nails with only 1 colour and, even with my love of make-up, I had never heard of a cut crease. Yesterday, we had our teenage magazines like Shout and Sugar showing us what bronzing pearls are, today, we have YouTube with a wealth of info, creativity and gorgeous tutorials to enjoy. Read on to discover the gurus, tips and videos that changed my (Beauty) life and helped in my journey to clear skin, a great wardrobe and the happiest manicures!

Click here for the YouTube playlist of these videos.

1. Michelle Phan - Autumn Amore

When I found this video, I was in a make-up rut; I tend to stick to very light eyeshadow with mid tones in the crease. Then, I followed this gorgeous look from Michelle Phan  and re-discovered deeper, warmer browns and bronzes - it was such a change to my normal look, like a new outfit for my face. 

As you can tell from the pictures it's a really cosy video; just right for this time of year when we're about to Fall into Autumn. With my very green eyes I love copper, bronze and gold tones, and this look is so universal!
 A great look and great video from Michelle.

2. BubzBeauty - DIY Acne/Scar Reducing Toner

I had just started some serious skincare research when I found this video and apple cider vinegar became my best friend.

Back before she moved to Hong Kong, married Tim and popped out Isaac, Bubz was just a girl in her bedroom making videos and the first channel I subscribed to.

The toner in this video became my Apple Cider Vinegar Green Tea toner - a major step to fight acne. If you want to try the scrub, replace the sugar with caster sugar or fine brown sugar and be extremely gentle, large granules of sugar are too rough for our delicate facial skin.

3. SecretLifeofaBioNerd - Night Time Routine: Oil Cleansing For Acne/Dry Skin

K.L's video is where I first learned about the Fabulous Oil Cleansing Method and I've never looked back.

My skin was still recovering from an awful reaction to some make-up; the rash had cleared but 4 months later EVERY pore on my chin was a clogged, bumpy blackhead, just under the surface, waiting its turn to become an ugly red spot. This method completely changed my skin - almost overnight!

If you're still suffering with bumps & blocked pores, give the oil cleansing method a try, it's low cost and hassle free - what do you have to lose?

4. BubzBeauty - Beautiful Skin Recipe

One of the cleansers in my DIY Beauty - Cleansers in your Kitchen was inspired by this video; another great idea from Bubzbeauty. Most of us have heard of the skin benefits of oats but I never thought of cleansing with them until I saw this video. Of course, I modified it to make it work for me - put the oats in a blender to make it less messy - and I love it. Oats are so so so so cheap it's virtually free!

So good for the skin, an uplifting video and, the best of all, loads of shots of Chubbi as a puppy! Possibly the most gorgeous little doggie ever ...except for my dog of course ;-)

5. BubzBeauty - Starry Night Nails
A cosy, sparkly, versatile manicure that's easily modified. This is my favourite nail look and was the inspiration for Valentine's Pink Ombre Nails back in February.
It looks great in pink and gold; I've even done one hand pink and one hand blue when I couldn't decide.

Orange into dark purple is another variation and I briefly tried red before deciding it looked too much like I'd dipped my fingers in blood!

This look is a great way to wear glitter and bright colours without feeling too ostentatious - great for longer nails.

6. Ann Le (AnneorShine)
My Style Lookback - Compilation of Past Outfits

With honorable mention, here is Ann Le (AnneorShine) who single-handedly taught me how to dress.

I've always loved clothes but had no idea how to build an outfit, use different accessories or just how many ways there were to wear my wardrobe! Ann's early videos are packed full of different outfits which I happily copied until somewhere along the way I learned how to dress.

Ann's videos are beautiful, her outfits are just my style and she is the best stylist on YouTube. (She also has a very sweet son, Vincent who pops up now and again)

Rather than 1 particular video, it was the channel as a whole which kindled my love and knowledge of style, so I chose this "Compilation of Past Outfits" as the perfect showcase for Ann's versatile and creative sense of style.

From transitioning into Autumn to layering for warmth and packing a week's holiday into just a carry on - Ann Le is one of those YouTubers every girl should follow!

Even though she's much more of a DIYer nowadays, she still pops up great styling videos. I enjoy clothes so much more now and it's almost completely down to Ann. 

(I don't know if this counts as 'beauty' but there are no other fashion gurus I follow and anyway, a great outfit makes us feel beautiful!) 

7. DermTV - Top 10 Reasons to Exfoliate

A must follow for anyone interested in skincare, dermatologist, Dr Schultz taught me about so many aspects I knew nothing about!

Chemical exfoliants, acne, anti-ageing, antioxidants; Dr Schultz gives out detailed advice that can't be beaten & he's built an extensive library of concise videos.

He's absolutely obsessed with exfoliating and his videos provided the background to my post, 'Make it work for you - How to exfoliate for the best skin of your life!'

If you'd like to watch any of these videos, check out the playlist here.

When I stop to think about all the videos I've watched and all the masses of info I've picked up along the way I wonder how I would ever have collected the same info elsewhere. 

Make-up, skincare, fashion, hair - YouTube has some wonderful gurus.
I'll soon be back with "Hair - The YouTube Videos that Changed my (Hair) life", but in the meantime are there any YouTube videos that have stuck with you?

I often think I should have been born in the 1950s but when I think of a world without YouTube, I'm instantly cured! We all heart YouTube.

Ciao for now