Friday, August 28

Deliciously Dark; Moser Roth Chocolate Orange 'Mousse au Chocolat'

Would you like some decadent looking photos of delicious dark chocolate? Then you're in the right place. A recent trip to Aldi saw this yummy bar of Moser Roth chocolate jump into my hand and I had to blog about it. The packaging, the mousse, and the chance to get Pinterest-y were too much to resist!

This is not your regular dark chocolate which stands around 66% (Bourneville e.g.), this is super dark at 85% cocoa; the chocolate mousse and orange syrup flavour inside make it just this side of bitter.

This isn't the kind of chocolate you absentmindedly chew on when you have a sugar craving, it's more like a full bodied red wine or rich roast coffee; something to savour, enjoy slowly and, yes, it is rather an acquired taste to our 21st century, sugar-addicted tastebuds!

I discovered Moser Roth as a cheaper alternative to Green & Blacks (which is getting quite extortionate IMO), and I love it! It has such a huge choice of flavours and is absolutely delicious.  My favourite is the chocolate orange and almond which I believe comes in dark or milk chocolate and is *sooooo yummy!*. This mousse range of bars comes in a few flavours but the white one is beyond heavenly; sort of a classier, grown up version of the Cadbury dream eggs we get at Easter time.

 My favourite thing about the Moser Roth bars is the most beautiful coloured packaging with the same shining paper wrapping the perfect sized portions inside; it really does feel like something special.

If you're a chocolate connoisseur, or trying to cut your sugar intake or just fancy trying something different, the Moser Roth range has some great choices. Personally, I think this bar would be massively improved by dropping the cocoa from 85% to 75% - it would certainly appeal to more people.

As far as I know it's exclusive to Aldi (here in the UK), the supermarkets all have their own exclusive chocolate ranges which nobody has ever heard of and it's great to try them out, you can find some new favourites to distract you from the sometimes run-of-the-mill chocolate giants.

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  1. Only one thing to say- YUM!! I really like Moser Roth dark choccie too!! Xo


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