Tuesday, August 18

Cellulite PT1: What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is not caused by storing too much body fat, it's actually something much different. Anybody can have cellulite, even if you're a marathon runner with less than 5% body fat, why? 

To skip the 'whys' click here for Cellulite PT2: There's only one way to get rid of cellulite, Or read on to get a clearer idea of what cellulite is.

Cellulite happens when our fat cells (only women, not men) store fat unevenly. This uneven fat storage results in big bulging fat cells and little squished up fat cells which in turn make the dimples on our thighs. Why is the fat stored unevenly? Toxins; sugar, alcohol, caffeine, inactivity, too much sitting, not enough water.

So basically, if you drink coffee every morning followed by hours of sitting down with a couple of sugary snacks then some alcohol in the evening and little - no water intake, you're a prime target for cellulite! (I think most of us are guilty of at least some of these!)

To get rid of the cellulite the fat cells need to redistribute the fat into equal little pockets and a nice even layer under our skin. The only way to conclusively do that is to massage it, vigorously.

This will also ensure your circulation hums along smoothly and any toxins you do take in (because we're not all Niomi Smart!) are drained through your lymph glands as they're supposed to, thereby eliminating the possibility of new cellulite. Incidentally, we also have lymph glands under our armpits which is why women can get arm cellulite too, although, thankfully, it's more unlikely!

Caffeine tights and creams do boost your circulation which is why these products help to reduce the cellulite marginally, but the rollerball on the end is doing most of the work!

To banish the cellulite you can either go to a salon for an expensive course of treatment or buy one of the super cheap tools in this post, to do it at home yourself.

There are a few options when it comes to massaging and they're so cheap you won't believe it! Forget paying £10 for tubes of fancy cream (that don't work) and click here to follow the Yellow Blogger Road to the Emerald Cellulite-free City!

Cellulite PT2: There's only one way to get rid of cellulite. . . .


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