Friday, August 28

Deliciously Dark; Moser Roth Chocolate Orange 'Mousse au Chocolat'

Would you like some decadent looking photos of delicious dark chocolate? Then you're in the right place. A recent trip to Aldi saw this yummy bar of Moser Roth chocolate jump into my hand and I had to blog about it. The packaging, the mousse, and the chance to get Pinterest-y were too much to resist!

This is not your regular dark chocolate which stands around 66% (Bourneville e.g.), this is super dark at 85% cocoa; the chocolate mousse and orange syrup flavour inside make it just this side of bitter.

This isn't the kind of chocolate you absentmindedly chew on when you have a sugar craving, it's more like a full bodied red wine or rich roast coffee; something to savour, enjoy slowly and, yes, it is rather an acquired taste to our 21st century, sugar-addicted tastebuds!

I discovered Moser Roth as a cheaper alternative to Green & Blacks (which is getting quite extortionate IMO), and I love it! It has such a huge choice of flavours and is absolutely delicious.  My favourite is the chocolate orange and almond which I believe comes in dark or milk chocolate and is *sooooo yummy!*. This mousse range of bars comes in a few flavours but the white one is beyond heavenly; sort of a classier, grown up version of the Cadbury dream eggs we get at Easter time.

 My favourite thing about the Moser Roth bars is the most beautiful coloured packaging with the same shining paper wrapping the perfect sized portions inside; it really does feel like something special.

If you're a chocolate connoisseur, or trying to cut your sugar intake or just fancy trying something different, the Moser Roth range has some great choices. Personally, I think this bar would be massively improved by dropping the cocoa from 85% to 75% - it would certainly appeal to more people.

As far as I know it's exclusive to Aldi (here in the UK), the supermarkets all have their own exclusive chocolate ranges which nobody has ever heard of and it's great to try them out, you can find some new favourites to distract you from the sometimes run-of-the-mill chocolate giants.

Ciao for now

Friday, August 21

Cellulite PT2: There's only one way to get rid of cellulite. . . .

Hi! So, most women have cellulite and most shops have a whole shelf of products to cure it. There are DIYs on YouTube involving coffee grounds and even caffeinated tights! No matter how many preventative measures you take there is only one way to get rid of it...

 Click here to find out the causes of cellulite in Cellulite PT1: What is Cellulite?

Now we know what causes it we can move on to jiggling those little fat cells around and making sure they do their job properly! Once cellulite has arrived there's only one way to get rid of it - Massage.

You want to spend a good amount of time massaging it away - at least 5 minutes on each leg if you decide to do it 1-2 times a week. Our local beauty salon spend an hour on this treatment, so don't undercut the clock! If you plan to do it nightly, 2-4 minutes on each leg does the trick.

The tools
You can just use your knuckles and some massage oil but you soon get tired! Happily, there are a variety of tools out there for just this purpose and they are not expensive at all, have a quick search on ebay or amazon or skip down to your local Boots/CVS and you should find something you can use.

The best anti-cellulite massage tool by far is this one;
Pink silver-balled glove
My tool of choice, The Rolls Royce of cellulite massagers! I got this on Ebay imported from one of the Asian countries for around £5. Yes, £5! It's nice and big, you simply hold it with a flat hand meaning your fingers won't cramp and it's very comfortable to use. The size means you can cover larger areas of your leg at once. Each silver ball rotates so you can choose to use massage oil or not. But the best thing? It works.

Here are some others I've tried over the years...

Blue roller spiky one.
This is very easy to use and came from a pound shop. The roller glides along your thigh but beware, I pushed too hard and there was a very strange pattern of angry circular bruises the next day!

Pink and white bobbly one.
Another one from the local drugstore/poundshop. This works in the same way as above but without the long handle. Again, I bruised myself but it was very easy to grip and I got a good kneading action with it!

Regular massager from Avon (here's what it looked like)
This one needs oil as the balls don't move. Another good choice for really getting some deep massage going but made my arm ache after a while. Did the job though!

"They" say that once you've had cellulite it'll always be there under the skin whether you can see it or not. But by using the Pink Rollerball Glove glove, the cellulite retreated until I was happy and satisfied that nobody would be able to see it. If you want the cellulite to go and stay away it's something you'll have to do regularly, just like facemasking and exfoliation.

Of course if you couple it with drinking more water, less caffeine, eating fewer sugary foods and enjoying less alcohol, you'll get to your goal sooner, but nobody expects any of us to be perfect. The best thing you can do to prevent it is to drink drink drink your water and massage massage massage your thighs.

Save your money; the £12 $20 15E creams will only clear out your bank account, not your toxins. Grab a massager and have at it.
Springer's final thought... ;)
One final word, whether you have cellulite or not, there are worse things in life! Don't let it ever hold you back, never feel self conscious or feel like you have to hide because your thighs aren't perfect; frolic in a swimsuit to your heart's content. The fun we get from embracing those opportunities is much more significant than any silly embarrassment we might feel about a touch of thigh-dimpling! Be brave, have fun and enjoy what's left of the summer.

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, August 18

Cellulite PT1: What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is not caused by storing too much body fat, it's actually something much different. Anybody can have cellulite, even if you're a marathon runner with less than 5% body fat, why? 

To skip the 'whys' click here for Cellulite PT2: There's only one way to get rid of cellulite, Or read on to get a clearer idea of what cellulite is.

Cellulite happens when our fat cells (only women, not men) store fat unevenly. This uneven fat storage results in big bulging fat cells and little squished up fat cells which in turn make the dimples on our thighs. Why is the fat stored unevenly? Toxins; sugar, alcohol, caffeine, inactivity, too much sitting, not enough water.

So basically, if you drink coffee every morning followed by hours of sitting down with a couple of sugary snacks then some alcohol in the evening and little - no water intake, you're a prime target for cellulite! (I think most of us are guilty of at least some of these!)

To get rid of the cellulite the fat cells need to redistribute the fat into equal little pockets and a nice even layer under our skin. The only way to conclusively do that is to massage it, vigorously.

This will also ensure your circulation hums along smoothly and any toxins you do take in (because we're not all Niomi Smart!) are drained through your lymph glands as they're supposed to, thereby eliminating the possibility of new cellulite. Incidentally, we also have lymph glands under our armpits which is why women can get arm cellulite too, although, thankfully, it's more unlikely!

Caffeine tights and creams do boost your circulation which is why these products help to reduce the cellulite marginally, but the rollerball on the end is doing most of the work!

To banish the cellulite you can either go to a salon for an expensive course of treatment or buy one of the super cheap tools in this post, to do it at home yourself.

There are a few options when it comes to massaging and they're so cheap you won't believe it! Forget paying £10 for tubes of fancy cream (that don't work) and click here to follow the Yellow Blogger Road to the Emerald Cellulite-free City!

Cellulite PT2: There's only one way to get rid of cellulite. . . .


Monday, August 10

Are you a blogger? I want to say thank you. . .

When you get into the world of blogging, as a blogger or a reader, you very quickly realise how positive the blogging world is. I don't mean to say that everyone who writes a blog has a charmed, wonderful life - we don't, but the posts they choose to write are almost always positive. Even when the topics aren't, there's always a silver lining running through; gaining strength, turning things around, staying hopeful, finding inspiration. Over the last year when life has looked bleak, I've been really thankful to have access to that positive world.

I started blogging in August 2014 after enjoying so many of the other great (usually girly) blogs out there. Once you start writing and promoting, you find yourself engaging with other bloggers, noticing their tweets, commenting on posts and discovering that there are literally hundreds of us all over the world! I follow bloggers in France, America, Canada, Portugal, Ireland and of course back home in little old Blighty.

This little, virtual world has a daily effect on my real life little world. I haven't actually met anyone in person yet but I have exchanged little tweets and messages and comments with a lot of you. Just having that cheery little smile poke its head through the door has a palpable effect on my mood.

Our generation is constantly berated for being too addicted to our technology - too much facebook! Too many tweets! Put your phones down!! . . . . .and yes, sometimes I do check my Instagram a little too often - BUT our phones and tablets keep us connected, not just to real people but also an abstract community, one that only really exists through our technology (most of the time). Where people post happy thoughts, send encouraging comments and seem genuinely interested in what you have to say. And of course let's not forget all the beautiful images out there - I mean wow!

I like to think of it this way; the blogging community is like Wuhu Island - remember, from Nintendo Wii??? And it's full of people who share something in common with you - every tweet is a possible conversation and every blog post is an invitation to share in someone else's life. It exists solely outside of real life and so is unaffected by it. You can visit whenever you like - just like on the Wii - and take part in a few games, wander around just to see what's happening or plant some flags and see who picks them up. (I've spent a lot of time on Wuhu Island over the years!)

I visit a variety of blogs through the various link parties I engage with and always enjoy what I find; a network of people (in my case, mostly women) who have something nice to say or show, whether it's a lipstick review, a biscuit recipe, a gorgeous outfit or travel photos.

So thanks to the bloggers and thanks to the readers. And let's keep our virtual world humming with positivity!


Sunday, August 2

Summer Sunshine Yellow Polka Dot Nails!

Summer manicure, sunshine yellow nail art with white polka dots or pin dots. Mint green polish from MUA at Superdrug, yellow polish from Miss Sporty.
As we all know, the best colour in the whole wide world ever is Yellow - not just any Yellow; bona fide, cheerful, happy, Sunshine Yellow! (with Primrose Yellow and Lemon Yellow in joint second!). However, I don't know what it is but it's very difficult to wear yellow on your nails. A full yellow nail just never looked quite right until I adapted this tutorial by Bubzbeauty to create my favourite, wearable summery yellow manicure.

For another great summer manicure, look at my Ice-cream, Pastel, Polka Dot nails!

1. If your nails are stained (mine often are!) apply a sheer pinky/peach colour a la french manicure or just a top coat.

2. Grab your polish and make the first swish using the tip of the brush - the narrower the brush, the more control. Then make the 2nd and 3rd swishes starting them a little higher up the nail to give a diagonal effect. Stick with just 3 swishes - apparently it's a well followed rule in design that odd numbers always look better than even (at least that's what Gok Wan says, and who am I to argue?).

Spring summer nail art, yellow with white dots. How to make frilly nails.

3. Once you've done 1 coat it's easier to go over it with another coat or 2. My yellow was quite gloopy and the texture wasn't looking great - but not to worry, the top coat will smooth out any texture issues and no-one will ever know! (unless you tell them in a blog post...).

Summer sunshine yellow manicure with polka dots. How to draw polka dots on nails, pattern.

4. Use a toothpick, dotting tool or kirby grip (bobbypin) to make the dots - I prefer a kirby grip and polka dots but if you like smaller, pin-dots, choose a toothpick. Blob out some white polish onto to some shiny paper - a glossy leaflet is ideal - and make the dots as above, filling in the empty space at the end. TIP: Apply a topcoat before the dots and if you make a mistake it's easy to wipe the dot away without having to start again.

Nail art summer manicure. Superdrug nail polish by miss sporty and MUA in sunshine yellow and mint green with Barry M white polka dots and Barry M shiny topcoat and base coat.

5. Finally let it dry fully then apply a topcoat - and as you can see, the dodgy texture of the yellow is distant memory and my manicure is glossy and shiny. You'll also notice I chose to paint 1 nail on each hand mint green and cover with polka dots, I love this trend, I think it started with Kpop.

Obviously, you can choose any colours you like; mix them up, choose a different shade for each nail or just do 2 as accent nails. I once did this in bright red with white dots and it looked so Minnie Mouse!

I love a good polka dot manicure - it's the easiest kind of nail art - for more nail ideas click below!

Ciao for now