Tuesday, July 28

Dollys Mixtures Body Sprays; New scents, New Products!

Dollys mixtures shower gels from asda. New products, body sprays in candy floss and fruit salad and bubblegum, rhubarb and custard and pina colada in the background.
I write to you today about Dollys Mixtures bubble bath/shower gels (read more) in a state of high excitement!! Not only do we have new flavours but also brand new products, the best kind of products, exactly what I was hoping for!!! I am a very happy bunny.

Despite being completely out of my way, I often pop to Asda hoping for some reduced price Dollys Mixtures and cheap Chai tea bags. But today, imagine my joy when not only were those colourful, pretty little bottles half price, but there were 3 new flavours to try and some shiny, new, beautiful body sprays!

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Imagine soaking in a mountain of delicious, sweet, fruity Pina Colada bubbles and then spraying yourself with the fragrance and smelling like that all day. It's exactly what I've been wanting and wishing for ever since I took my first sugary bubble bath all that time ago.

Dollys mixtures shower gel range body sprays in asda. In scents candy floss (cotton candy), pina colada, fruit salad and peach melba. Fruity and sweet scented perfume and inexpensive. Drugstore bargains.

The body sprays come in Pina Colada, Candy Floss and, new flavours, Peach Melba and Fruit Salad. I, of course, tested each one. Initially, I was disappointed with Candy Floss as it was the one I most wanted but was too too subtle...at first...in contrast to every other fragrance out there, it became stronger and more potent throughout the day! It smells exactly like the shower gel which smells exactly like candy floss - I can almost taste that faint, burnt sugar scent in the background.

Dollys mixtures shower gels and body sprays in fruit salad and candy floss (cotton candy) flavours. Colourful, fruity, sweet, yummy flavours for bath time. With cute vintage packaging.
All the scents smell just like their bubbly shower gel counterparts and carry a nice intensity - Peach Melba is the strongest - and most mouth watering! Of course, for £1 you'll need to reapply throughout the day and bear in mind that these are body sprays not perfumes, but they are quite delicious. Coming home with me are Fruit Salad and Candy Floss.

Dollys mixtures body sprays in candy floss (cotton candy) and fruit salad. Sweet, colourful and fruity perfume with vintage packaging.

Other new products included lip glosses, but when it comes to my lips, I'm strictly a Palmers Cocoa Butter Girl so left them where they were, but I'm sure they smell just as delicious as the rest of the range if you're a lip gloss fan - and of course the packaging is adorable - kudos to the marketing team!

Dolys mixtures body spray and shower gel in candy floss (cotton candy) flavour. Sweet, sugary and delicious. With Rhubarb and custard, pina colada and bubblegum in the background

I am, however, very worried that my favourite scent in the bubble bath/shower gels seems to have disappeared from the shelves - Bucks Fizz; by far my fave. . . .I'm really hoping Asda haven't let me down and discontinued it, fingers crossed!

Have you tried any Dollys Mixtures? Which are your favourites?

Ciao for now

P.S. I smell so delicious right now. . . . . ;)

Sunday, July 12

From Public Toilets to Being Heard - Life Hacks for the Day-to-Day Dilemmas

We've all got a few tips up our sleeve which make our lives a little easier - things we've read in a random magazine, a tip that a friend gave you, or a happy accident; things that have stuck in our mind and become a vital part of our day-to-day lives. One of the most recent useful tips I picked up from...somewhere (???) is how to make sure you get the cleanest public toilet cubicle. When you gotta go, you gotta go - but go in a clean toilet!

1. When you want to be heard by a chatty group or room full of people, lower the pitch of your voice. Subconsciously people listen to a deeper tone and will give you their attention immediately. Don't think Barry White, just slightly drag queen -  I have used this so so so many times, always works.

2. In public toilets the cubicle nearest the door is used the least often and is therefore cleanest and probably best stocked with toilet paper - pick that one.

3. You can take two different types of painkillers at once as long as they have a different active ingredient and you stagger them i.e. 10am Ibuprofen, 12pm paracetamol, 2pm Ibuprofen, 4pm Paracetamol.

4. To appear confident, move slowly and don't fuss when you enter a room; stand still for a moment before deciding where to go. Don't fidget or dance around because people might look at you; stand still, look for your friend etc and then purposely go on your way. Think of the opposite - fidgeting, shuffling feet, eyes darting around, twisting fingers, repeatedly touching hair --- not confident at all.

5. If you find it impossible to get up in the morning, drink up to half a pint of water right before sleep. As soon as you open your eyes to push snooze your body will force you to get up.

6. Never let your anger get the better of you - shouting in the street is self indulgent and reaps no positive results. rise above it and be classy.

7. Take care of your teeth.

8. Always rinse anything that has had oats or cereal in it immediately or it sets like cement.

9. Buy dresses - a whole outfit done!

10. always know exactly what's in your bank account - yes I know its scary.

11. When videos won't play and photos won't load clear your cache.

12. If you've got a sneeze stuck that won't come out, look into the light - best advice I've ever been given.

13. Add butter to make anything tastier.

14. Lead with your hips when you walk; the position is more flattering to your body, it makes us  look more confident and is more elegant than that leaning forward hangdog walk that we usually have if we're in a rush and its raining!

What kind of day-to-day life hacks make your life a little easier? Share them below! Life's hard enough so any tips to smooth the path, I'm sure, are appreciated by all!
Are you having a good July? Boyfriend has a very defined T-Shirt tan, I love it! :-D

Seriously, try the low voice tip, especially for women - we tend to raise the tone of our voice and people switch off - it really really really works!! Particularly good for all the teachers out there ;-)

Ciao for now

Wednesday, July 1

13 Signs a Girl Knows It's Summer!

We can almost set our clocks by our yearly beauty trends and routines, and no time of year requires more work than summer!! The sun shines brightly, temperatures rise and we can't hide our wintery skin away anymore. We love summer, we love wearing summer dresses, flowery skirts and flimsy shorts but my my does a lot of effort go on behind the scenes...

Here's a light-hearted look at how a girl knows it's summer!

1. Suddenly at least 2 hours of your week is devoted to hair removal

Click here for - Ultimate shaving routinefor irritated legs - no more red bumps!
 2. Volumising sprays are replaced with argan oil and frizz serum 

3. There's a constant, faint scent of fake tan hanging in the air, the one which no brand can every quite disguise...
4. You're plum lipsticks have disappeared and 12 different shades of coral and orange have taken over

From 'Bring Summer to your stylewith this MUA Coral Combo - Lips and Nails'
5. You're stocking up on more and more oil blotting sheets!

6. There's no sugar or olive oil in the house, because you make 2 or 3 DIY body scrubs a week.

7. It's not good enough to have painted toenails, the heels must be soft, the cuticles must be tidy and you don't care if you're sweating and panting, you want this hard skin GONE!!

My most popular post; Makeover your feet; thethickest, hardest skin - begone!
8. You turn your back on conventional makeup and embrace the minimal 'cream blush, lip balm, no eyeliner and one eyeshadow' look. . . . For about a week 

9. Your manicure is decorated with all the colours of a seaside ice-cream parlour!

From 'Ice-cream, pastel polka dotnails!!'
10. You don't care if your handbag's heavy, sweat is the enemy and you're going nowhere without wet wipes and deodorant and oil blotting sheets and mascara and some hair clips just in case.

11. Speaking of handbags, yours is full with plasters (band aids) and spare pair of shoes

12. Before leaving the house, you put on a straw hat, then change your mind, then put it back on, then change your mind again -- at least once a week.

13. And finally . . . . you're always shopping because, dammit, you have nothing to wear in this weather!!!

How can you tell it's summer? Have I missed anything?
I hope this made you smile, if it did give it a share or retweet.

 I wonder if there's an equivalent list for boys??? hmmm....

Ciao for now