Wednesday, June 3

Things I'd like to tell my dog

I say a lot to my dog. Sometimes she wags her tail, sometimes she cocks her head to one side, sometimes she sulks and sometimes she flat out ignores me and leaves the room. 
But she's endlessly fascinating to me and so damn gorgeous!
Sometimes I just wish she could understand me properly. 
Here are some of the things I'd say to her if she could...

1. If you stop growling and bullying other dogs, they'll play with you!   

2. Stop pulling back the quilt and sleeping with your head on my pillow -- we've talked about this, you can sleep on the blanket on the bed not under the duvet in the bed.  

 3. I love you sooooooooo much!

4. When we give you pills they're to keep you safe and healthy so stop acting like I'm trying to steal your soul!

5. You cannot follow me into the supermarket, dogs are not allowed. Yes I know that you're well behaved and clean, but you still can't come in.

6. Stop sulking 

  7. At Christmas, we all have to wear stupid things. . . please wear the reindeer ears and Santa socks just for a little while...?

8. You are so cute!
9. Never ever take a poo in the middle of a busy market again, pleeeease.

10. We can't go for walkies unless you let me put my socks on.

11. Stop sulking.

12. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs I can't give you any!
13. You are very, very small don't try to take on a horse, he'll bloody kill you. 

14. When you stand forlornly at the door to make us get up to open it for you and then you run back and steal our seat ----- that's really annoying!   

15. Don't eat horse poo! its poo!

16. The park/fields/street/that guy's garden do not belong to you and you can't swear at other dogs to make them leave.
 17. COME HERE! 

18. Spiders are evil, please kill them for me instead of getting scared and running away. 

19. No matter how crappy my day, when I walked through the door to your beautiful fluffy face and you cuddle my leg, you make me feel amazing! You are the apple of my eye and sometimes I think my heart might burst with love for you! Never ever change. 

20. You cannot have my dinner stop tapping me with your paw.

And for anybody wondering, she's a Jack Russell Terrier with a split coat, meaning she has longer fur than a normal Jack Russell which makes her look all fluffy. She's named Sherry and thinks she runs the world! She's absolutely spoiled by my parents who always cook extra pork chops, chicken legs and lamb steak just for her. Her favourite foods are chicken, scrambled egg, sweet potatoes and chilli con carne (mild!). She will eat biscuits, but only after you've dunked them in tea.
And yes, she sulks, a lot.
Have a look at my instagram where I regularly upload loads photos of her looking cute!
What would you tell your dog/cat/bird/ferret/fish/lizard?

Ciao for now




  1. I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who regularly has to plead with my dog not to steal my bed at night and embarrass me when we're out! Love it!

  2. Absolutely! Dogs are lovely but sometimes you have to facepalm at the things they do! :-) x

  3. This is so funny and as a dog owner, very relatable. You had me at #s 1 and 7!

    Sending love from #WeekendBloghop!

    Mom Kat's Notes

    1. Haha! Your dog's a little bully too??? Let's hope our furry friends never run into each other! :-D

  4. haha! so cute :)

  5. My first blog read of the day. Put a huge smile on my face and my day will be better for it! Your dog is adorable!

    1. Thank you! And now you've made my day too :-D thanks for dropping by!! x


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