Thursday, June 18

Summer Trips and Animals by the Sea; Instagram #6

Vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a flake by the seaside in Llandudno, North Wales with the sea and beach in the background.
 Summer has well and truly arrived, bringing Sunshine, day trips and lazy days in the garden. I've been posting my fave pics over on Instagram @PromisingYellow.

At the end of May we had a long weekend in Llandudno to celebrate Boyfriend's birthday; a gorgeous Edwardian seaside town in North Wales with a cable car, mountain and wonderful animal sanctuary/farm. 

We ate Fish n Chips by the sea a la British seaside tradition, took a visit to a medieval castle, ate cupcakes on the front and, of course, fought off the seagulls! 

Back at home, the gorgeous doggie has been sunbathing and buttercups have been waving in the air. Here are some feelgood photos to celebrate the advent of summer!!

Pastel coloured guesthouses in Llandudno, North Wales. B&B in the summer by the seaside.
We'd just arrived and this was the cutesy view from our window; pastel-coloured guesthouses, shining in the sunshine lining both sides of the street.

A woolly white llama by the sea at Llandudno, North Wales with the Great Orme, sea and pier in the background. Farm and animal sanctuary.
 Off we went to a farm/animal sanctuary where they had the friendliest Llamas ever. You can see the Great Orme and sea in the background

Wrought Iron table and chair at a little seaside cafe with parisienne decor. Llandudno, North Wales, seaside holiday.
 Gorgeous little cafe had these parisienne-esque table and chairs set-up outside. Reminded me of the sims!

A striped owl at an animal anctuary in Llandudno, North Wales on a british seaside holiday. Beautiful owl at the animal and owl sanctuary.
 The farm partners with the RSPB I think, to provide sanctuary for owls. This gorgeous guy is a striped owl.

Lookin up through Rowan tree leaves at the blue sky and bright sunshine. The magical rowan tree in the garden.
Early morning, sitting on the bench under our large, Rowan tree with the sun peeking through the leaves. Did you know that Rowan Trees are said to be magical and druids used to make magic wands from the wood? Love that.

My besutiful little Jack Russell sunbathing in the garden during a heatwave.
The gorgeous little doggie decided to have some time sunbathing and snoozing, the ground was so warm!
Gorgeous yellow buttercups waving in the sunshine with blue sky and fluffy, wispy white clouds.
 Best colour in the whole world ever - sunshine yellow buttercup!

Bumblebee nails! Fun manicre with nail art, clouds, blue sky and bumble bee.
Inspired by the sunny, blue skies and bumbling bees, I just had to. How-to coming soon!

Tried little jack russell terrier squinting on a furry red throw.
And finally, here's a squinty picture of the dog just after I turned the light on and woke her up; 
"turn off the light! I'm sleeping!"

Recently Tanya Burr talked about waking from a nightmare and flicking through some feelgood pics on Instagram to calm her down and help her get back to sleep. There's something about looking a pretty pictures on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr that really can lift our spirits and even sometimes offer the same type of a escape that a book can. Suddenly you're in this pretty world of cupcakes, fluffy little dogs, glittering handmade crafts and immersive travel photos.

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Hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather and getting out and about.

Ciao for now


  1. Replies
    1. And he was so so friendly too! He was definitely used to tourists giving him food, he soon left when he realised we had nothing for him! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You can be a professional photographer I´m inlove with these pictures x x

    1. Oh Gosh, if only!! But I do like playing around with my camera and having a try :)
      What a lovely comment!

  3. Beautiful pictures, aww sweet dog :)

    1. Tahnks, she is gorgeous, I can't stop taking pictures of her! :) <3
      Bobbyanne xxxx


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