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Battle of the Drugstore Make-up Brands - Part 2

Here we are for Part 2! I'm comparing the prices between high street make up brands for a full face of make up. Do the final totals reflect the quality? Are they accurate? There was a surprise in Part 1 when Bourjois turned out to be more expensive than Max Factor! Battle of the Drugstore Make-up Brands Part 1 is here for Max factor, Bourjois, Seventeen etc, now let's go with Part 2.

The test
I'm using Boots and Superdrug to price up a full face of products from well known high street make-up brands including 1 each of; foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, liquid eyeliner and lipstick. 3 eyeshadows and  basic brow product or pencil liner.

For each product I chose the middle of the range price to best represent the brand. E.g. if Max Factor's [excellent] mascaras were priced at £8 £10 £11 £13 I chose the £11 one to represent the brand. Except lipsticks. I always just chose the normal lipstick which usually turned out to be the cheapest within the brand.

I've included Superdrug and Boots exclusives as well as international favourites.

Natural Collection 
My fave from here is the eyeshadow in 'Seashell', I use it every single time I put my makeup on without fail. It is the perfect creamy, matte eyeshadow to match my skintone, brighten my brow bone, or provide the canvas for a nude eye with black liner. I've easily gone through about a 100 of these over the years and years and years I've been using it  - LOVE!
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser £1.99
Natural Collection Pressed Powder £1.99
Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara £1.99
Natural Collection Cover-up Cream £1.99
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks £1.99
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick £1.99
Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow £1.99
Natural Collection Eye Lines Pencil £1.99
Natural Collection Eye Lines Pencil (as brow pencil) £1.99
TOTAL: £17.91

Conclusion: As far as I know this range is permanently on 3 for £5 so potentially it would only cost £15. It used to be a lot more innovative say ten or so years ago but nowadays is very much in the budget and basic category. I remember the little bottles of loose pigment that were absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL! Not a bad make-up range, great eyeshadows and good liquid liner, although with a really long handle that's tricky to use.

Not a big a fan of Rimmel ever since they signed up Kate Moss, I can't explain it, she just puts me off. I own no Rimmel products I'm afraid and haven't done for at least 7 years but I know the wake me up foundation and Kate Moss lipsticks are pretty popular among v/bloggers.

Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation £6.99
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49
Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow £6.99
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder £3.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush £3.99
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner £5.29
Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil £2.99
Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara £5.49
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick £6.49
TOTAL: £47.71

Conclusion: £6.49 for a lipstick seems a bit much. I always imagine Rimmel to sit in the same category as Seventeen which had a total of £43.11. Seems ok I guess.

I love Sleek, I really do. In recent years when eye palettes seem to have taken over the make-up shelves and changed the way we buy makeup, Sleek was the first, second and third one that I bought. Gorgeous eyeshadows, I also love the blushers, particularly Rose Gold which apparently is a dupe for Nars orgasm. Good packaging too.

Sleek Foundation Crème to Powder £7.99
Sleek Suede Pressed Powder £6.99
Sleek Concealer Luminaire £6.49
Sleek Blush £4.49
Sleek Makeup Eye Liner Liquid Dip It £4.49
Sleek MakeUP Brow Stylist Medium £5.99
Sleek Mascara Full Fat £6.99
Sleek MakeUP Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Til Dusk £9.99
Sleek Lipstick True Colour Liquer £4.99
TOTAL: £58.41

Conclusion: Honestly, Quite a good price I'd say when thinking about the other totals we've seen, it's good quality make-up that's only a step down from high end. It's also considerably cheaper than Bourjois at £73.91, yet personally, I'd say it was much much better.

I have a beautiful eyeshadow quad from Revlon but even within those 4 colours, the texture and pigmentation vary a lot.  Revlon has positioned itself as more of a high end drugstore range in recent years and in my head I always think of it as quite expensive...

Revlon ColorStay Makeup £12.49
Revlon ColorStay Concealer £6.99
Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder £10.99
Revlon Powder Blush £7.99
Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara £10.99
Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Palette £7.99
Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner £7.99
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter £7.99
Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel £6.99
TOTAL: £80.41

Conclusion: Far too much. This is very telling when compared to Max Factor at £72.90 which I believe is a superior brand and has its own counter in Boots stores next to all the high end ranges. I know people love the lip butters but for me, I actually bought one and returned it, I wasn't a fan. I can't believe it's quite so much... shocked. And 2000 Calorie mascara from Max Factor is only £7.99, a long time huge seller and fantastic mascara, whereas Revlon are charging a whopping £10.99. Have you tried a lot of Revlon? Is it worth it?


Basically the same as Make-up Revolution; there are so many similarities in packaging, products, colours and textures, but anyway, I personally really like the nail polishes, they're great quality and give brilliant pay off. Have a look at this gorgeous 'MUA Coral Combo - eyes and lips' I recently bought here.
MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation £2.00
MUA Pressed Powder £1.00
MUA Cover and Conceal Wand £1.50
MUA Blusher £1.00
MUA Trio Eyeshadow £2.50
MUA Extreme Curl Mascara £2.00
MUA Matte Liquid Eyeliner £2.00
MUA Eyebrow Pencil £1.00
Make Up Academy Lipstick £1.00
TOTAL: £14.00

Conclusion: the big question is, is it cheaper than Make-up Revolution? Yes it is, MR comes in at £19.99 but then again I don think the eyeshadows are ever so slightly better than MUA so it may be worth it.  A great little make-up range, probably Superdrug's answer to Boots' Natural Collection for an older crowd who have more of an interest in make-up, with much more interesting items to try.

Barry M
We've all got a bunch of Barry M nail polishes squirrelled away haven't we? If you take a look at the nail looks I've done in the past you'll quickly see my obsession with Yellow Topaz; a beautiful beautiful glitter that perks up any manicure and any colour.

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Oil Free Foundation £5.99
Barry M Imperfection Correction Pen £5.99
Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder £5.99
Barry M Blusher £4.59
Barry M Natural Glow Eye Shadow and Blusher Palette £6.49
Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara £6.19
Barry M Metallic Liquid Eye Liner £4.79
Barry M Brow Kit £5.99
Barry M Lip Paint £4.49
TOTAL: £50.51

Conclusion: Not that shocked here, an average middle of the road price to match the shelf positioning. More than Rimmel, less than Sleek, about right! 

This is not an exact science, much of it is based on the prices I chose to best represent the range - as I said at the top in 'the'rules'. But it is interesting to compare what we think about the different quality with an actual monetary amount. Revlon costs more than Max Factor, can that be right? Barry M is more expensive than Rimmel, is that accurate?

Personally, when it comes to face makeup, as you will have seen in the Anti-acne Rules and Routine, I only use mineral make-up, which I buy from Lily Lolo. Apart from that I'll spend a bit extra for a good mascara and maybe eyeshadow, but when it comes to lippie and nail polish, do we need to spend more than the Make up revolution and MUA prices?

I suppose it all comes down to 2 questions;
How much money have you got?
Where are you willing to spend more?

For me, my money goes on skincare, travelling and gallivanting around with the boyfriend, while I only spend what need to on make-up, much as I love it...although, technically, I don't suppose I need any of it!

Here are the stats for Part 2;
  • Most/Least expensive:Revlon £80.41/MUA £14.00
  • Most/Least expensive Foundation: Revlon £12.40/Natural Collection £1.99
  • Most/Least expensive Concealer: Revlon £6.99/MUA £1.50
  • Most/Least expensive Powder: Revlon £10.99/MUA £1
  • Most/Least expensive Blusher: Revlon £7.99/MUA £1
  • Most/Least expensive Eyeliner:Revlon £7.99/Natural Collection £1.99
  • Most/Least expensive Mascara:Revlon £10.99/Natural Collection £1.99
  • Most/Least expensive Brows: Revlon £6.99/MUA £1
  • Most/Least expensive Eyeshadow:Sleek £9.99/Natural Collection £1.99
  • Most/Least expensive Lipstick:Revlon £7.99/MUA £1
If you want to compare alongside Part 1 just right click and select 'open in new tab' here! :)

Leave me your thoughts down below, were you surprised? Do you think the cost matches up well with the quality?

Ciao for now


  1. This is an awesome post!! You've mentioned some brands that I've always wanted to try (Sleek, MUA, Bourjois), that we don't have here in the US. Rimmel is just "ok" for me as well. I do like their newish foundation, the one that claims to last forever. Can't think of the name but it has a red cap. It's quite thick, but if you add a drop of Tarte Maracuja oil to it, it turns into beautiful and workable coverage! I also love the Rimmel scandaleyes liners. I have boycotted Revlon since they had some very distasteful statements last year that were in the media. There are much better brands in the drugstore anyways! That Sleek palette you have pictured is absolutely gorgeous!! I haven't seen it before, but I might need to see if I can get ahold of it here in the US!! I always love to see you link up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, the Sleek palettes are all gorgeous, they're probably the first high street brand over here to introduce a lot of the high-end habits like palettes, contouring etc. They're all about the palettes and now all the other ranges are catching up. I've tried the old 'add a bit of oil' trick but my acne prone skin was soon protesting.

      I have a weekly reminder set on phone calendar now so I shouldn't miss anymore hops! :)
      Bobbyanne xxxx


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