Thursday, June 25

Woodburning/Pyrography; how childhood wonder leads to new passions

Woodburned, bespoke couples gift, From PromisingYellow Etsy shop
As a little girl we used to holiday in a tiny town in North Wales and at the end of the week we'd go to a huge outdoor market; always busy and full of sweets stalls, books and jewellery with dolphins. My favourite stall was run by an old woman who sold all kinds of wooden curios; keyrings shaped like shamrocks, door plaques with Welsh dragons, glittery fairies mounted on wooden plinths. She'd use a special tool to burn any message you wanted into the wood; a good luck message, your own name etc, and you could watch! The burning tip would glide over the wood and in seconds there would be my message in swirly, fancy writing. I was in awe. Every year I'd buy something different; I still have my dragon door plaque!

It must be at least 10 years since the I saw that stall but I'll never forget it, the whirls of smoke and my name burned into the wood. It could never be rubbed away; it would be written there forever!

Many years later I've found out it's called pyrography or more simply, woodburning. Now I've learned the craft for myself and my own hand can glide across the wood leaving trails of smoky, swirly lettering to create some beautiful things.

Every time I'm woodburning I think back to that Lady in the Welsh market. I'm remembering my old bedroom where the blue, glittery fairy stood on the windowsill overlooking the river behind my house, and the dragon door plaque mounted onto my bedroom door. It's like a connection to my childhood.

Magenta wine and Snow on the left, Dark Wood and Snow on the Right - mix and match. Bespoke and unique.

After some thought I've opened up my own Etsy shop selling some of my handmade, woodburned items. At the moment it's a small shop with just the wood burned tiles personalised artwork as above and the wedding placeholder/favors, which personally, I love! I saw the plain wooden gift tags and knew immediately what I wanted to make.

It's so satisfying to know that each one is totally unique; it feels more special. Cut from natural birchwood, each tile has its own pattern of rings and knots from the birch tree so no two tiles are the same and the names are burned into the wood forever.

I hope you'll come on over or share the link with someone else who might like it! I gave one as a gift for my friend's recent anniversary and have one in our own home which I made for Valentine's day.

 Sometimes the most chance encounters can give us inspiration for a future passion.
Click here to visit the PromisingYellow Etsy shop or the link on the top right of the page.
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  1. What an amazing story! I have never been to Wales, but this night market sounds wonderful. I love when a random experience and spark a love/interest in something. Congratulations on your Etsy shop :)

    Ginger Side of Life

  2. Absolutely! Those chance moments can make such a difference, travel broadens the horizons. . . . .even if you've only gone down the road to Wales!! :D :D xx Bobbyanne


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