Sunday, May 10

The Season of Colour on Instagram #4

They call Spring the season of colour and this week's instagram post embraces that! The last week or so we've been indulging in all things summery; fruity desserts, gardening and pastel nail art. These are my favourite colourful shots from the last couple of weeks on my Instagram feed @PromisingYellow.

After a day of gardening, the sun went down and that pesky April breeze made itself felt - so 2 hot chocolates were in order, white hot chocolate for him and Chilli hot chocolate for me, both Whittards. I bought these mugs around 5 years ago from the co-op shop and I'm still in love with them.

Summer pastel nails! Pastel polishes always look gorgeous lined up on the shelf but I'm constantly trying to find a way to wear them that doesn't make my pale pale skin look drab. This was it. I am in love with these nails! Check them out in this post.

Aah yes, the Breakfast Power Milkshake! Made using frozen banana, oat flour and cocoa powder; this milkshake is so think and cooling and sweet but also totally healthy. It's like having a McDonalds milkshake for breakfast (almost!) And the colours in this photograph are pure spring!

Forget-me-nots are bursting into life in our flower beds, last weekend we had a full day of sunshine and blue blue skies- only 1 cloud provided a brief fuzzy filter all day. It was so wonderful to spend the whole day outside in the garden. I can't stress enough what a difference it makes to have a day of wonderful weather. This is what it would be like to be a little ladybird looking up at the April sunshine!

Who can resist sweeties? Not I! Some British classics here - a dark chocolate digestive biscuit and 2 chocolate limes; boiled sweets with chocolate running through the middle. I think every British childhood included these and they always take me back. I enjoyed these little treats as I relaxed with YouTube; Essie Button haul and a vlog from Alfie on Pointlessblogtv.

We all love our cookbooks right? From the modern to the old, gorgeous! The top one was published in the 1960s and is a proper housewife book. It has everything - from making sandwiches for company to "jugging a hare in its own blood" - I don't think that'll ever be happening in my kitchen!

The colours I chose for the manicure above with a flowery spring scarf as background.

About a week ago I was excited to open my Etsy shop!! I've always been fascinated by woodburning ever since I was a little girl watching an old lady do it in a Welsh market (Woodburning/Pyrography; how childhood wonder leads to new passions). These are on sale for couples, mothers and daughters - anyone really!

The fluffy blanket, the yellow bottle - I love everything about this shot! From the Ultimate shaving routine for irritated legs - no more red bumps!
This was my last Easter Egg - yes, all the chocolate eggs have been eaten now and so April is officially over. Let's hope May brings prosperity, love and good luck for us all!

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Ciao for now

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  1. Congrats on opening your etsy shop! :)

    I like your manicure too - lovely colours and design! :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks! and thanks! Check out the tutorial and give it a go, it cheers up your fingers! :-)
      xx Bobbyanne


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