Thursday, May 7

Ice-cream, pastel polka dot nails!!

Guaranteed to bring some springtime cheer to your manicure, here is a gorgeous, and I do mean GORGEOUS nail look for you inspired by ice-cream, pastel shades. Pastel polishes look beautiful on the shelf but they can be difficult to wear. Add a little sprinkling of something else to make them pop, and they suddenly become more wearable -- jazz them up and enjoy!!

This is a variation on the pink "spots and polka dots, easy nail art!" post. For a more in-depth step-by-step or just to see another way to wear dots, click here.

3 nail polishes in pastel shades of mint green, light blue and peach orange. Make-up revolution Cool Days, Barry M blue Moon and Peach Melba nail polishes.
L-R Make-up revolution "Cool Days", Barry M "Blue Moon" and "Peach Melba" nail polishes

Start with your colours, I chose mint green, peachy orange and bubblegum blue. These colours together remind me of summer, sunshine, seaside trips, milkshakes and ice-cream! Mix them up a little. Don't alternate or set a pattern- try to make them look casual like you just reached into your box of polishes and. . .oh! look what happened! It feels more modern.

Nail polish summer springtime manicure colours, base colours of pastel shades of mint green, light blue and peach orange. Make-up revolution Cool Days, Barry M blue Moon and Peach Melba nail polishes.
Left hand and right hand, the colours are all mixed up.

When you've got your base colours done (I let mine dry for a full day, pastels can need up to 4 coats and take an age to dry!) grab darker shades of the same hues and a white. If you don't have the exact colour - mix it yourself! I didn't have a green so I blobbed out some yellow, added a touch of blue and mixed - perfect. Use your kirby grip (bobbypin), dotting tool or toothpick and have fun!

I kept the dots more spread out this time and I like the result. I also made my dots ever so slightly bigger using the end of my kirby grip (bobbypin). If you want small pin-dots use a toothpick.

Close up of polka dot, spotty manicure. Summer and springtime shades of green, orange and blue. Pastel nail polishes.

Don't forget to seal it with a topcoat to make it shine and keep it looking great. Of course you could change this up with any colours you like, pink, or lavender would look so girly and of course yellow, as the best colour in the whole world, would be the best ;-)

Summertime manicure, polka dots and spots in springtime pastel shades, mint green light blue and coral orange. Finished nail look. Nail art in pastel for spring and summer 2015 style and on trend. Nail trend.
Good luck and tweet me a photo if you give it a go, it would make my day!!
Ciao for now

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  1. I love colors you used and dots are simply adorable :)
    I hope you will share your post with our Link Up - Idea box:


    1. Thanks so much, what a lovely comment to read! :-) I'll definitely come and join in next week, you have so many great posts on the list! X Bobbyanne

  2. Hey I'm linking up from claire's weekend blog hop, I have to say I'm loving your nails :)

    1. Thanks so much, always nice to hear! Give them a try yourself- you might be surprised at the result 😄☺ x Bobbyanne

  3. Love the colours and I adore polka dots :) you did a great job with your nails. I can get one side ok but struggle with the other side lol

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

    1. Thanks so much! That's why polka dots are such a great choice, you only have to touch your nail with the Kirby grip, no drawing involved! :-)
      Bobbyanne x

  4. What a fun idea for nails, love the polka dots! This reminded me I need to change out my chipping nail polish today. :) Stopping by from #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Me too, they remind me of Minnie mouse! :-) If you have a go tweet me a photo @promisingyellow xxx

  5. Those nails are fabulous! I love how simple yet beautiful they are.

    1. What a lovely compliment, thanks! Give them a try, they'll summer up your fingers! :-)
      Bobbyanne xx


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