Thursday, May 14

Bring Summer to your style - MUA Coral Combo, Lips and Nails

MUA makeup academy coral lipstick shade 7 and MUA nail polish in bright coral. Summer sna dspring style for lips and nails.
Summer is skipping closer and closer and with summer comes a yearning for fruity cocktails, pretty pedicures, sparkly sandals, swishy skirts, ice-cream and long, lazy sunsets. To me, the colour of those hot summer days is coral and I've found the most beautiful combination from Makeup Academy at only £1 each!

Over the last couple of years I've felt that orange has had a renaissance. Bright orange, pastel peach, coral - even rose gold and copper - all warm, juicy shades which make us happy - although, don't get me wrong, yellow will always be the best colour in the whole world ever ;-)

Earlier this week I had a little wander to Superdrug where the MUA stand beckoned. Suddenly, this nail polish  jumped from the shelf and into my palm. Literally jumped, I was powerless to stop it... It's the perfect pedicure colour and matches the sandals I bought last year! But more than that it's a happy shade and a colour that you can't take your eyes off. This shade is called 'Bright Coral' and there couldn't be a more appropriate name! This would be great for short nails but if you have long nails like me, no worries, it's just muted enough that it still looks like our own nails and not those plastic stick on ones that we used to play with as kids!

Review of MUA nail polish in bright coral. Orange summer spring manicure. Pedicure colour for summer style.

As you can imagine, it covers really well with only 2 coats. However I did find it slightly patchy over my basecoat (I fear they may be incompatible) so I added a 3rd coat. [EDIT: applied today using a different basecoat and no patchiness at all - completely smooth!] As with all MUA nail polishes (that I've tried) it dried super quickly and with a lovely shine. I admit I was lazy and didn't use a topcoat and after 4 days the ends have rubbed off - NO CHIPS though! I've never been one to spend a lot of money on nail polishes - I really don't think you need to - and these MUA polishes prove why. I know Essie is a favourite brand of Beauty bloggers but I just don't think I could happily hand over £8 for a nail polish - I'd rather go to the the cinema or local amateur theatre, or buy a beef bourgignon at our fave pub/restaurant or 8 MUA polishes. So I'll keep my purse happy and stick with the MUA stand.

MUA makeup academy lipstick in shade7 and nail polish in bright coral. Swatch on lips with manicure. MUA look, nails and lips for summer and spring. Bright coloured cosmetics.Inspired by the nail polish I went hunting for a coral/orange lippie to match my pale pale skin and came across "Shade 7" also by MUA. (there's a very young squirrel with big eyes foraging in the birdseed outside the patio windows right now, so cute!) Despite the boring name, it's a lovely in between shade of pink/orange with a hint - just a hint - of duskiness and is warm toned. A very wearable orange colour; it brightens up my skin-tone and gives me a lovely glow. Shade 7 is a bright, summery coral - a great way to wear orange without actually wearing orange. I guess you'd describe it as "your lips only better."

MUA makeup academy lipstick swatches in shade 7 similar to nectar. Coral lipstick look for spring and summer style. Orange lipstick trends.

In the shop, Shade 7 was very similar to a couple of the other MUA lipsticks, like Nectar. I've tried to get the colour as accurate as possible by taking swatches in different lights.
As for performance it is very moisturising and shiny but still pigmented. It's not as thick as other lipsticks I've tried (seventeen and No7 spring to mind) and so isn't a long-wearing lipstick. Nevertheless it offers a good amount of staying power and feels great on the lips. If you're in a pinch it also makes a lovely blusher too!

MUA makeup academy coral pink lipstick in shade 7 from Superdrug. Summer and spring makeup trends. Glossy lipstick in bright colour.

I love the idea of my nails and lip colour matching, like some rich vulgar woman of the 90s, wearing Chanel, a huge gold necklace and looking down my nose at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! :-D As a set it would also make a wonderful gift, especially if you have a friend with a summer birthday.

Apparently the weather is set to turn cooler, cloudier and rainier over the next week or so *sigh* but I'll still rock the summery oranges - yes I'm British, I can't help talking about the weather!

Ciao for now
What colours remind you of summer?

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  1. Love this colour, perfect for summer :)

    1. Yes! It'd look gorgeous on the beach! Bobbyanne x :)

  2. That color polish is absolutely gorgeous!! I love brights year round, but I go crazy even more in the summer! :)

    1. Me too, I'm loving the bright summery colours, they brighten everything up! x Bobbyanne x

  3. So pretty!!! I love matching lips and nails too, Im very Ita Buttrose lol!! Thank you for sharing your post- very kind of you!! Xo


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