Saturday, April 18

Water difference 3 litres makes - uneven skin tone begone!

So I came across this old article on the Daily Mail online about this journalist, Sarah Smith aged 42 who decided to significantly increase her water intake from virtually nothing to 3 litres a day. She took a photo each week to see if it would make any difference to her appearance. Ladies and gents, it flipping well did!

Ok, yes the angle of her head is more flattering as is the light but even so there is a dramatic difference! The dark circles have lightened, her skin is less ruddy, the bags and crepiness under her eyes are all but disappeared and the contours of her face are sharper.

Drinking 3 litres of water a day for 4 weeks. Skin tone, redness, eyes bags, dark circles. Daily mail
Photo from the Daily Mail Online.

This inspired me to re-visit the days gone by when I was spending lots of time writing essays and absolutely had to drink my 3 litres a day. I kept this up for quite a few years after college but throughout university the habit tailed off.

Well now I'm back at it. I know that January was a long time ago now but this is my new tax year resolution!
Too Long have I relied on tea tea tea,
Too Long have I ignored my thirst because I couldn't be bothered to get up and grab a drink
Too Long have I lazed around because dehydration left me feeling muggy-headed and fatigued.
.. .getting a little dramatic here :)

I've bought myself a snazzy water bottle with a built in straw and sparkly diamonds around the middle. I bought a couple of bottles of squash and as longs as its full I'm drinking! I even bought one of those super concentrated juices to use on the go if I fill it from a tap or buy bottled water. I've been experimenting with the whole 'detox' water trend too; stuffing my bottle with chunks of grapefruit and mint leaves!

Water bottle with sparkly jewels, purple and pink. Filled with squash outside on the grass. 3 litres of water.

I love my snazzy drink bottle, it's so large and chunky it's quite comforting to hold. Rather like I would have held a giant Costa coffee in days gone by. ("days gone by"; I'm a liar, I still totally buy the odd large coffee!)

What effect is this brand new habit having? Well all good things. Just like the woman in the photo my skin is looking better, not just the obvious clearer pores, and less bumps under the skin but my skin tone is more even, my under eyes are more contoured and retain water less often and is it my imagination or does my skin look firmer overall? It's also the only thing that eases the dark circles which are always visible under my super-pale skin!

The biggest impact is always on my general well being - I have more energy and a clearer head. You know that late afternoon muzziness when you just want to lay down for a nap? Water chases that feeling away. I'm also getting a good workout for my legs as I run up and down the stairs every half an hour to 'powder my nose!' :)

Whenever I'm feeling a bit lazy or haven't drank anything for a while I remember the photo of the woman above and I'm motivated again. Water water water!!! Let's do this.

How about you? How do you get your daily water fix?
Ciao for now


  1. This is such good advice! I try to drink lots of water but recently I seem to be drinking less. I was amazed by the difference in the photographs - I'm definitely going to look at fitting more water in!

    1. It's definitely a photo that haunts you! It's so easy to forget but when you see the difference it's like a little reminder in the back of your mind :) xx


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