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Ultimate shaving routine for irritated legs - no more red bumps!

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Ola! We know the drill by now; shave, itch, scratch, red bumps, repeat. It can seriously get you down. Picking up from my previous 2 posts here is a more detailed, complete shaving routine to minimise irritation and the chances of red bumps as much as possible. If you experience the post-shave maddening itch, read on. . .

For a run-down of the causes of this irritation click here and for a DIY post-shave soothing spritz for whenever you get the itch, read this post.

1. Your razor - put aside your fancy goddess, 4 blade razortron 4000!
Put your expensive razor with it's so-called "moisturising strip" and multiple blades onto the shelf and find yourself a basic, cheap razor with 1 blade and no moisturising strip. I know you're disagreeing, so did I when I first heard it!

The hairs on our legs are soft and fine; not like the rough, thick stubbly men's facial hair. One blade is enough to remove the hair and leave you just as smooth - by shaving with 2, 3 even 4 blades you are basically shaving the same piece of skin 4 times - but the hair was removed the first time. Am I winning you over? 

Bic disposable ladyshaver. Pink razor for women with single blade and no moisturising strip.
If you're still skeptical let me tell you that my razors cost 75p for a pack of 4. 75p! If I'm wrong (I'm not) you've spent less than a £/$/E. A single blade shaves just as closely as a multiple blade razor - no difference in the finish. It also doesn't clog up and I saw a definite improvement.

2. What do you shave with?
Coconut oil. I know you've read it over and over again but it works. You don't need fancy, organic coconut oil; a normal tub like this one from naissance will do. Spread it over your legs then mix a little water in your hands and massage that in too to ensure absolutely no friction (if you don't you may find the coconut oil sinks into your skin and disappears!). 

Block of solid coconut oil. White chunk of coconut oil from naissance.
3. How do you shave?
"They" tell us to shave with the direction of growth, We say "That leaves us stubbly!!" As a compromise I sometimes shave diagonally but by far the kindest way you can shave is slowly. Rozor burn comes when your skin isn't lubricated enough and you shave too fast with a blunt razor. So slow down and sluice regularly. 

5. Prepare your skin
A shower is a great preparation for shaving; the steam softens the hairs and opens the pores. However if you don't have the time, fill a sink with hot water and grab a flannel. Soak the flannel, ring it out and lay it on your legs 3 or 4 times until your skin is warm to the touch.
Vaseline intensive care essential healing body lotion. Yellow bottle of lotion.5. Further prepare your skin
Don't waste your razor on removing a build-up of dead skin; grab these 2 ingredients and make your own body scrub to take away the dead skin cells. You won't need to press as hard and will find you're much gentler to your legs. 

6. Don't neglect aftercare!
Shaving dries out our legs so always moisturise afterwards. Choose something with a soothing ingredient like aloe vera, oat extract or rosehip oil but as little 'perfume or fragrance' as possible. I like the Vaseline intensive care lotions, they sink in almost instantly, aren't too expensive and are very soothing. 

7. Spritz for instant relief!
When the itch starts grab your bottle of DIY soothing post-shave spritz with oatmilk. Keep it in the fridge for maximum soothe factor.

8. Pop a pill
If you don't shave your legs very often, try taking an antihistamine pill (hay fever pill) on the same day as shaving. Don't do this every day, it's not a permanent solution; every pill you pop goes through your liver and kidneys. However, if your legs are particularly sensitive and it's been a few days, an antihistamine has a big effect for me.

9. Keep moisturising! 
Keep a bottle of your body lotion by your bed and every night when you apply your night cream apply some body lotion. Don't apply a lot otherwise it'll become a chore and you won't keep it up! Rub it between your palms, pat over your leg, smooth it and be done with it.

10. Encase your bedding
If you think it may be allergies to dustmites and the itch always starts in bed it may be worth encasing your bedding in anti-allergy covers. A lot of girls on this thread had success with that one simple change. 

Yes it takes more effort than for non-irritated girls and no, it's not fair - but the alternative is to scratch your itching legs and suffer the red bumps. Truly, terribly, unpleasant. Grab your coconut oil, your 75p razor, make the DIY post-shave spritz and good luck!!

As always I wish you happy, calm, shiny, smooth legs
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If this works for you or if you have any other tips of your own share them with us in the comments...

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