Thursday, April 2

Photo post: Spring is Springing!!

I'm not saying much today - I'm letting these photos speak for themselves! Spring has started springing, my garden is waking up and I've been having a little wander photographing life as it returns. Hope you like it! Leave a comment and give a little share if you do.
 Oh, just as I'm typing a Robin has landed on the patio next to me - gorgeous!

Spring flower, close up of small daisie. Gorgeous little white summertime flower.
Daisies are such an under-rated little flower! The classic Summer/Springtime, carefree symbol.

Beautiful little JAck Russell Terrier enjoyying the sunshine in the garden. She's such a small dog and so cute.
 The beautiful little dog and I explored the garden, she loves the good weather -- more walkies!

Dew drops on leaves in british garden
Dew drops on the leaves

Sprintime flowers, possibly pink, just opening their buds in british garden in springtime.
One yellow one pink? Hopefully!

Daffodils or jonquils, yellow and beautiful flowers in a british garden in psringtime. Spring flowers.
One of my absolute favourites! The best colour in the world ;-)

Long blades of grass from the garden floor in a british garden, spring.
For that 'Honey I shrunk the kids' feeling

Small purple and pink flowers just opening their petals and buds. Spring flowers in British garden

Little green buds on a tree. Bud getting ready and growing in the garden. Spring
BUDS!! We have buds! What gorgeous springtime treats are hiding inside?

Daffodils or jonquils blooming in psring in british garden. Beautiful yellow flower.
And of course I had to finish with one more beautiful Daffodil photo. As a spring baby, daffodils are always out around my birthday, they're like my own special good luck flower!

I hope you're able to get out and enjoy some good weather where you are - here in Britain it's Easter and the bank holiday weekend tomorrow, so let's all cross our fingers that it's glorious! Aah, that good old British weather, so much depends upon it. There's a reason we talk about it so much you know.

Here's hoping - no rain.

Have a lovely Easter everyone, eat lots of chocolate and watch Easter parade. . .twice! :-D
Ciao for now - oh! And now a little Squirrel is exploring the garden; cute!!

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