Wednesday, April 29

Out and about on Instagram #3

The last couple of weeks have been gloriously sunny here in blighty, and when the sun shines, the flowers bloom and a little dog demands to be walked I just can't stop my camera finger from snapping away!! Guaranteed to get you in the mood for the sunshine seasons, here are my fave Instagram shots from the last couple of weeks x (check out my instagram here)
small fluffy white cloud in front of the springtime sunshine. Summer, warm sunshine.
 We spent the whole day sitting in the garden, reading, playing chess and drinking the cider. This was one of the very few clouds to obscure the sun's warmth that day.

Jack russell terrier in a red collar enjoying the springtime sunshine in a british garden. Green lawn and sunshine. Relaxing little dog.
Sitting on a scarlet furry blanket because she refuses to sit on the bench otherwise, madam surveys all she owns and basks in the sunshine. She loves being as warm as possible!

beautiful pale pink flowers in a british garden. Pink hyacinths.
I've no idea what these beautiful flowers are called [I've found fut they're hyacinths] but they've burst to life!

Mini horse! Shetland pony in british countryside.
Whilst out for walkies, the dog and I came across one of the charming little ponies living in the fields surrounding our home. This guy was very friendly, the doggie was not impressed!

Yellow flower bush in british countryside. Beautiful yellow flowers
The best colour in the whole wide world ever, these yellow flowers bought a smile to my face.

Dam across a reservoir at Titesworth reservoir in Leek, staffordshire. Long straight path.
Last weekend we took the opportunity to explore a local reservoir and followed the 3 mile 'dam trail'. This was the dam, built high above the treatment plant below and crossing the reservoir. The path seems infinite and dead straight.

signpost for walking trail at titesworth reservoir.Wooden signpost.
I love a good signpost picture, this one pointed us to the back of somebody's farm where the path continued. We got up close an personal with some suspicious dairy cows.

Sandy beach on North Wales. Blue sky, white clouds and sunshine. Beach grass and pebbles along the british coast.
The hot weather always gives me a yearning for the seaside and this was taken a few years ago in North Wales. Beautiful huh?

Beach in North Wales. Pebbles along the british coast.
Also taken at the beach, I can't resist a good shot of 'texture'! Don't you just want to grab a handful and hear them clunk together?

Chestnut brown horse in british countryside eating grass. Seen while out on walkies with dog. Spring time walks.
A return to dog walking now.. and, again the dog was unimpressed when this large and gorgeous horse came galloping round the corner to share the watering hole (small lake) with her.

Blue freshwater lake and sand with coot swimming over the surface. Spring and summer time dog walks.
I couldn't resist the colours in this lake, aren't they beautiful? This lake is in the middle of a nature park tucked away behind the city and the water really was that blue! And there's a little coot making his way across.

There's nothing like nature to really put on a show and make you feel content. Birds singing, lakes gently flowing, horses pausing for a little drink as the flowers decorate the world -- life really is like a Disney movie sometimes!

Hope you're finding time to enjoy it!
Ciao for now

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