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How-to DIY a hair oil treatment without the residue!

DIY oil treatment for your hair. Olive oil, cling film or seran wrap and fluffy white towels. Bone China teacup with gold edging.
When you reach that point when your hair always looks dry, breakage is everywhere and you have product build-up which is resisting your shampooing efforts, turn to this mask. Far from the high price tag of a hair mask from the shop-shelf, this is in your own kitchen. Brilliant if you're an impatient person like me and just want it sorted out NOW!

There are a lot of posts/guides out there telling you how to DIY a hair oil treatment and I've only found a handful of good ones. So here is my fail-safe guide to treat your hair and come out the other end without an oil slick on your head!

As oils are cleansing it doesn't matter if your hair has product on it or hasn't been washed for a couple of days, if you've ever googled the 'no poo method' you'll know that oils remove all the dirt anyway so don't worry!

First choose your oil; if you're feeling a bit flush you can choose coconut oil - it's absorbed by the hair, can penetrate deeply and is full of proteins which your hair needs. On the other hand just grab you bottle of olive oil from the kitchen - also full of proteins and penetrates the hair.

Henna and coloured hair - before we go further you should know that oils can be used to remove colour from the hair and this will especially affect henna and red shades. Time it so that your hair has already faded and won't be too changed for the worse.

DIY beauty treatment, oil treatment for dry and damaged hair. Olive oil and cling film or seran wrap. Bone china teacup and cereal bowl.
Equipment - Oil; Olive oil or Coconut oil (around 2tbsp for shoulder length hair and 3tbsp for longer depending on your hair's thickness), a teacup/small bowl, a normal sized bowl, boiled water, cling-film (seran wrap), towel.

1. Grab your bowl and teacup. Stand your teacup inside the bowl and pour just boiled water around it then pour your oil into the teacup so it gets warm and more viscous. I have a lot of chest-length fine hair and use about 3tbs; how much you need very much depends on your hair, but pour out slightly more than you think and next time you'll have a better idea of how much is best.

Olive oil being warmed in a teacup and bowl of hot water. Hot oil treatment for dry or damaged hair. DIY beauty from Promising Beauty.
2. Brush your hair and put on an old t-shirt you don't mind ruining. If you have very long or thick hair you may want to clip it up into 4-6 large sections. I have chest-length fine hair and never found that I needed to section it.

3. When the oil is warmed and runny remove the teacup from the water to avoid spillage (I've done that, not good!) and start applying it to your dry hair.  Start with the ends and work your way up using less as you go. As the ends are drier and weaker, that's where you'll want more oil. By the time you get to the roots a small amount on your finger tips is all you'll need.

Don't be stingy with the oil but don't apply to much either! You want your hair to look wet but should be nowhere near the point of dripping - I found that out the hard way. . . .

4. Your hair needs to be warm to open the cuticles and let the oil penetrate so twist up your hair, clip it if you need to and wrap your head in cling-film ('seran wrap') or slip on a shower cap - the free ones you get in hotels are good for this. Then wrap your head in a towel. Let it sit for however long you've got, 30 minutes - 3 hours. I usually aim for an hour.

5. Rinsing time - [this is where so many other guides go wrong]
You must get the shampoo on your hair BEFORE the water or you won't get the oil out!!
Yes you'll need a lot of shampoo so grab a cheap bottle of herbal essences and massage it all through the hair and especially the ends. Add a little water gradually and work it into a lather, you'll feel your hair 'lightening up' as the oil is lifted away by the soap. Now it's time to rinse it off as normal, shampoo one more time to make sure and add a little conditioner to the ends.

6. Dry and style as normal and voila! Your hair shouldn't feel oily at all. If it does you either really over-did it with the oil, really under-did it with the shampoo or you got your hair wet too soon. Don't worry, you'll know better for next time.

Your hair should have its life restored, give off a healthy, radiant shine and overall have that soft, silky feel you used to have as a little girl when you left the hairdresser's. (What is it they use to get it so soft???)

Anyway, leave any questions/comments below, I love answering them, and please support by sharing.
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