Wednesday, April 15

Eyeliner, Pinterest crafts, Easter nests and Shopping - Instagram #2

After a (thankfully brief) cold, stormy weather front, Spring is back with a vengeance and getting sunnier every day! I hope you're all finding time to get outside and enjoy it. And if you're in Australia/New Zealand and transitioning to Autumn/Winter, well, you get fantastic weather the rest of the year and reach temperatures we can only dream of so be happy for us in rainy old blightly! Anyway, here are some more beautiful Instagram photos to brighten your day. Each one of them makes me smile :-)
When good eyeliner happens - every so often things just go right. I was loving how perfect this black liner turned out with a beautiful peach eye shadow look.

A little shopping Superdrug led me to this shelf where BB/CC/DD cream were all on half price. I gave the DD cream a try and so far I'm still loving it!! See the in-depth test and review here.

At the weekend the cheeky little dog and I had some cuddles in front of the windows as we waited for the rain to stop. Ain't she gorgeous?

Homemade scones!! With some posh whisky raspberry jam, I had no clotted cream in the house so I quickly whipped up some buttercream, I love buttercream - any excuse.

A roast chicken always goes down well with me and the boyfriend, and of course, living in Staffordshire we have to have proper China with a proper pottery's stamp on the back - these willow pattern plates are Churchill.

Then of course it was time for Easter and we made Easter nests and covered them in Smarties, Dolly mixtures and Malteser bunnies. So much fun, so pretty and of course, delicious!

I love how this photo turned out for this review/test post about the Superdrug DD cream. The backdrop is a super soft furry blanket.

This one came out looking so other-worldly; a cake pop tray full of DIY oatmilk, soothing post-shave spritz ready to go into the freezer. 

I finally took all my little Pinterest crafts I'd been busy making and arranged them around the house. I love this little collection on my windowsill. Gold spray paint, wine bottles and empty cans.

And one more shot of the Easter nests. The little Maleaster bunnies looked so cute! And were a big hit with both sets of parents. I couldn't resist one last shot of these colourful little cakes!

So that's some highlights from my Instgram feed, if you want to follow me I'm @PromisingYellow, leave me a comment on one of my photos and we can be Instagram buds! :-D
Anyway, the dog is sitting by the back gate and staring at me so I suppose it's walkies time!

Ciao for now

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  1. bisa dicoba nih cara eyeliner pemakaiaannya yang bener dan indah :)


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