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AGE FASTER with facial yoga; the dangers of facial exercises.

Facial yoga/facial exercises involve stretching your face into a variety of strange expressions which 'they' tell you 'tone up' our faces but actually directly cause sagging and encourage wrinkles by damaging the collagen and elastic fibres of your skin. 

Read on for a full explanation of how and why these exercises are so damaging to our faces...

This is how 'they' explain it;
When you tone up your body you lift weights and build up the muscles, your face has muscles too so if you exercise those muscles you'll tone up your face in the same way. 
NO!! No you won't. For one very simple reason; when your face ages it is the skin that sags not the muscles behind it. But worse than that, these daft exercises which move and stretch your skin are the very things that age the skin and will age you faster! You can see how 'they' win people over, it sounds very logical doesn't it?

You've heard of skin elasticity right? Think of a piece of elastic, the more you stretch it the looser it gets until it's stretched out. That is what happens in our skin. Our facial skin has a finite amount of elasticity and just like that old bra you've worn so much, the more you move and stretch your face the looser it becomes and the more it sags. Each time you laugh or widen your eyes the elastic fibres are stretched a little more and will eventually stop contracting again. Results? Sagging, loose skin. Don't just take my word for it, here's Dr Neal Schultz on the matter;

If you unnecessarily stretch out your facial skin, you will cause premature failure of the elastic fibers and it will then sag and stretch out sooner. Also, if you unnecessarily crease and fold your skin, you fold the collagen and when you fold the collagen, you break the collagen...So, breaking the skin causes lines and wrinkles, and over stretching it causes it to sag and the elastic fibers to fail prematurely.   (DermTV.com The effects of facial exercises on your facial skin)


Now for most of us this will happen gradually over time in accordance with our age and will not be so noticeable. But for actors, people who use their faces a lot in their jobs and the people who've been taken in by the facial yoga movement it will happen much faster. Which is why our favourite actors in Hollywood are injecting botox to stop their faces from moving.

Here's the message to take away with you. Your skin is not muscle it is elastic and when it's overworked it sags sooner. Facial yoga and facial exercises do not work and much worse than that they are the direct cause of ageing and will make it happen more rapidly. So please please please if you've been doing these exercises STOP and switch to facial massage instead. 

I'll be posting about facial massage soon which is a good thing! Check out Dr Schultz's videos on DermTV.com and YouTube for all kinds of skin issues, he's fantastic!

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