Tuesday, April 7

A beautiful Spring week on Instagram #1

Years ago I decided I didn't like Instagram. I can't really remember why! It was probably to do with the phone I was using. But thanks to a quick twitter chat with Catriona who blogs at TeaTimeTreatery, Miss Sue Flay and Kate at Beak Up Crafts I've decided to give it another go and love it! So, thanks girls :-) I can't stop posting. I've put up nearly 50 beautiful (I think so) photos here in a couple of weeks and each one of them makes me smile and lifts my spirits.

So far I'm following Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr, Zoella and the rest of the British Youtuber pack butI'm always looking for new gorgeous/cute/interesting feeds to follow on anything from cakes to animals to travel. Leave me a link to your feed down below or comment on one of my Instagram photos (I'm at PromisingYellow) "Found you at Promising Beauty" and we can start swapping pics!

So without further preamble, here is my first(ish) week on Instagram!

Flying home from Lisbon, Portufal. Beautiful white, sunshine clouds. Above the clouds while flying.
We had a 5 day break in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal and this was the stunning view just after take-off...it was very quickly replaced by a chilly evening in Manchester!

Gorgeous little Jack Russell terrier with her big brown eyes begging for bacon. a perfect, cute small dog.
Coming home is always bittersweet but I was so happy to see this little beautiful face again! I love my little dog, she's a Jack Russell terrier and in this picture she was actually begging for bacon. She got a little piece...

Perfect, healthy, fluffy little oatie pancakes for breakfast on Colcloughs pottery ware.
To make our first morning back better we had pancakes for breakfast! I replaced half the flour for oat flour so they were more filling, healthy and tummy-flattening. Oats are a definite superfood!
Hamper for her from interflora with strawberry fruit tea, blackcurrant and blueberry jam, almond vanilla biscuits, chocolate caramels and las condes wine.
8.30am on a Saturday the postman woke me up... but it was okay because he was delivering this beautiful box of birthday goodies. A couple of weeks late but who cares, it's the thought that counts and I love it.

Springtime accessories, cute daisy earrings. studs.
The clocks went forwards, we lost an hour of sleep but gained an hour of sunshine! Springtime is officially here and I have been embracing it with these gorgeous daisy earrings. They're just the right size stud earring and so cheery and happy. Love them!

chocolate mousse topping, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate hearts. Yummy dessert
Chocolate mousse topping. . .om nom nom. Whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate hearts. It was delicious!

Jack Russell terrier looking out into the garden in springtime at sunset
Another one of the gorgeous dog, we sat just inside the patio doors in the late afternoon sunshine, me drinking tea, her sitting on my knee surveying her territory - if you have a Jack Russell you'll know that they think the entire world is their territory!!
Whittards instant tea selection. English fruits, cranberry and raspberry, lychee and mango, dreamtime, blackcurrant and eldeflower and Turkish apple.
Another Birthday gift. A selection of Whittards instant tea. So far Lychee and mango is my favourite - it has a perfumed quality to it and it's lovely!

DIY blueberry wax melts in the shape of hearts. Cobalt blue.
I hate letting good candles go to waste when they've burned out, especially this beautiful blueberry scented one from York which I melted and turned into candle wax melts!

A toad in a flat cap driving a Rolls Royce from some wacky wallpaper in a guesthouse in York.
While in York we had the craziest wallpaper covered in strange little pictures of animals. Here's a toad driving a Rolls Royce. What more do you want???

Yellow Rose from velentine's bouquet. sunshine yellow.
And finally I had to include this beautiful yellow rose from the Valentine's bouquet the Boyfriend bought me back in Feb. Who doesn't love flowers? And yellow is the best colour in the world! ;-)

So that's my first-ish week on Instagram. If you have a beautiful or interesting feed leave me a link down below or comment on one of my Instagram photos "Found you at Promising Beauty" and we can be Instagram buddies!

Anyway, that's all for now, I hope this made you smile. Don't forget top check out my most recent Beauty post - DIY Instant releif oat milk post-shave spritz for irritated legs and red bumps. A life-saver if you get that post-shave itch like me and hundreds of others.

Have a good week everyone!
Ciao for now

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