Wednesday, April 29

Out and about on Instagram #3

The last couple of weeks have been gloriously sunny here in blighty, and when the sun shines, the flowers bloom and a little dog demands to be walked I just can't stop my camera finger from snapping away!! Guaranteed to get you in the mood for the sunshine seasons, here are my fave Instagram shots from the last couple of weeks x (check out my instagram here)
small fluffy white cloud in front of the springtime sunshine. Summer, warm sunshine.
 We spent the whole day sitting in the garden, reading, playing chess and drinking the cider. This was one of the very few clouds to obscure the sun's warmth that day.

Jack russell terrier in a red collar enjoying the springtime sunshine in a british garden. Green lawn and sunshine. Relaxing little dog.
Sitting on a scarlet furry blanket because she refuses to sit on the bench otherwise, madam surveys all she owns and basks in the sunshine. She loves being as warm as possible!

beautiful pale pink flowers in a british garden. Pink hyacinths.
I've no idea what these beautiful flowers are called [I've found fut they're hyacinths] but they've burst to life!

Mini horse! Shetland pony in british countryside.
Whilst out for walkies, the dog and I came across one of the charming little ponies living in the fields surrounding our home. This guy was very friendly, the doggie was not impressed!

Yellow flower bush in british countryside. Beautiful yellow flowers
The best colour in the whole wide world ever, these yellow flowers bought a smile to my face.

Dam across a reservoir at Titesworth reservoir in Leek, staffordshire. Long straight path.
Last weekend we took the opportunity to explore a local reservoir and followed the 3 mile 'dam trail'. This was the dam, built high above the treatment plant below and crossing the reservoir. The path seems infinite and dead straight.

signpost for walking trail at titesworth reservoir.Wooden signpost.
I love a good signpost picture, this one pointed us to the back of somebody's farm where the path continued. We got up close an personal with some suspicious dairy cows.

Sandy beach on North Wales. Blue sky, white clouds and sunshine. Beach grass and pebbles along the british coast.
The hot weather always gives me a yearning for the seaside and this was taken a few years ago in North Wales. Beautiful huh?

Beach in North Wales. Pebbles along the british coast.
Also taken at the beach, I can't resist a good shot of 'texture'! Don't you just want to grab a handful and hear them clunk together?

Chestnut brown horse in british countryside eating grass. Seen while out on walkies with dog. Spring time walks.
A return to dog walking now.. and, again the dog was unimpressed when this large and gorgeous horse came galloping round the corner to share the watering hole (small lake) with her.

Blue freshwater lake and sand with coot swimming over the surface. Spring and summer time dog walks.
I couldn't resist the colours in this lake, aren't they beautiful? This lake is in the middle of a nature park tucked away behind the city and the water really was that blue! And there's a little coot making his way across.

There's nothing like nature to really put on a show and make you feel content. Birds singing, lakes gently flowing, horses pausing for a little drink as the flowers decorate the world -- life really is like a Disney movie sometimes!

Hope you're finding time to enjoy it!
Ciao for now

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Saturday, April 25

How-to DIY a hair oil treatment without the residue!

DIY oil treatment for your hair. Olive oil, cling film or seran wrap and fluffy white towels. Bone China teacup with gold edging.
When you reach that point when your hair always looks dry, breakage is everywhere and you have product build-up which is resisting your shampooing efforts, turn to this mask. Far from the high price tag of a hair mask from the shop-shelf, this is in your own kitchen. Brilliant if you're an impatient person like me and just want it sorted out NOW!

There are a lot of posts/guides out there telling you how to DIY a hair oil treatment and I've only found a handful of good ones. So here is my fail-safe guide to treat your hair and come out the other end without an oil slick on your head!

As oils are cleansing it doesn't matter if your hair has product on it or hasn't been washed for a couple of days, if you've ever googled the 'no poo method' you'll know that oils remove all the dirt anyway so don't worry!

First choose your oil; if you're feeling a bit flush you can choose coconut oil - it's absorbed by the hair, can penetrate deeply and is full of proteins which your hair needs. On the other hand just grab you bottle of olive oil from the kitchen - also full of proteins and penetrates the hair.

Henna and coloured hair - before we go further you should know that oils can be used to remove colour from the hair and this will especially affect henna and red shades. Time it so that your hair has already faded and won't be too changed for the worse.

DIY beauty treatment, oil treatment for dry and damaged hair. Olive oil and cling film or seran wrap. Bone china teacup and cereal bowl.
Equipment - Oil; Olive oil or Coconut oil (around 2tbsp for shoulder length hair and 3tbsp for longer depending on your hair's thickness), a teacup/small bowl, a normal sized bowl, boiled water, cling-film (seran wrap), towel.

1. Grab your bowl and teacup. Stand your teacup inside the bowl and pour just boiled water around it then pour your oil into the teacup so it gets warm and more viscous. I have a lot of chest-length fine hair and use about 3tbs; how much you need very much depends on your hair, but pour out slightly more than you think and next time you'll have a better idea of how much is best.

Olive oil being warmed in a teacup and bowl of hot water. Hot oil treatment for dry or damaged hair. DIY beauty from Promising Beauty.
2. Brush your hair and put on an old t-shirt you don't mind ruining. If you have very long or thick hair you may want to clip it up into 4-6 large sections. I have chest-length fine hair and never found that I needed to section it.

3. When the oil is warmed and runny remove the teacup from the water to avoid spillage (I've done that, not good!) and start applying it to your dry hair.  Start with the ends and work your way up using less as you go. As the ends are drier and weaker, that's where you'll want more oil. By the time you get to the roots a small amount on your finger tips is all you'll need.

Don't be stingy with the oil but don't apply to much either! You want your hair to look wet but should be nowhere near the point of dripping - I found that out the hard way. . . .

4. Your hair needs to be warm to open the cuticles and let the oil penetrate so twist up your hair, clip it if you need to and wrap your head in cling-film ('seran wrap') or slip on a shower cap - the free ones you get in hotels are good for this. Then wrap your head in a towel. Let it sit for however long you've got, 30 minutes - 3 hours. I usually aim for an hour.

5. Rinsing time - [this is where so many other guides go wrong]
You must get the shampoo on your hair BEFORE the water or you won't get the oil out!!
Yes you'll need a lot of shampoo so grab a cheap bottle of herbal essences and massage it all through the hair and especially the ends. Add a little water gradually and work it into a lather, you'll feel your hair 'lightening up' as the oil is lifted away by the soap. Now it's time to rinse it off as normal, shampoo one more time to make sure and add a little conditioner to the ends.

6. Dry and style as normal and voila! Your hair shouldn't feel oily at all. If it does you either really over-did it with the oil, really under-did it with the shampoo or you got your hair wet too soon. Don't worry, you'll know better for next time.

Your hair should have its life restored, give off a healthy, radiant shine and overall have that soft, silky feel you used to have as a little girl when you left the hairdresser's. (What is it they use to get it so soft???)

Anyway, leave any questions/comments below, I love answering them, and please support by sharing.
Ciao for now

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Tuesday, April 21

AGE FASTER with facial yoga; the dangers of facial exercises.

Facial yoga/facial exercises involve stretching your face into a variety of strange expressions which 'they' tell you 'tone up' our faces but actually directly cause sagging and encourage wrinkles by damaging the collagen and elastic fibres of your skin. 

Read on for a full explanation of how and why these exercises are so damaging to our faces...

This is how 'they' explain it;
When you tone up your body you lift weights and build up the muscles, your face has muscles too so if you exercise those muscles you'll tone up your face in the same way. 
NO!! No you won't. For one very simple reason; when your face ages it is the skin that sags not the muscles behind it. But worse than that, these daft exercises which move and stretch your skin are the very things that age the skin and will age you faster! You can see how 'they' win people over, it sounds very logical doesn't it?

You've heard of skin elasticity right? Think of a piece of elastic, the more you stretch it the looser it gets until it's stretched out. That is what happens in our skin. Our facial skin has a finite amount of elasticity and just like that old bra you've worn so much, the more you move and stretch your face the looser it becomes and the more it sags. Each time you laugh or widen your eyes the elastic fibres are stretched a little more and will eventually stop contracting again. Results? Sagging, loose skin. Don't just take my word for it, here's Dr Neal Schultz on the matter;

If you unnecessarily stretch out your facial skin, you will cause premature failure of the elastic fibers and it will then sag and stretch out sooner. Also, if you unnecessarily crease and fold your skin, you fold the collagen and when you fold the collagen, you break the collagen...So, breaking the skin causes lines and wrinkles, and over stretching it causes it to sag and the elastic fibers to fail prematurely.   ( The effects of facial exercises on your facial skin)


Now for most of us this will happen gradually over time in accordance with our age and will not be so noticeable. But for actors, people who use their faces a lot in their jobs and the people who've been taken in by the facial yoga movement it will happen much faster. Which is why our favourite actors in Hollywood are injecting botox to stop their faces from moving.

Here's the message to take away with you. Your skin is not muscle it is elastic and when it's overworked it sags sooner. Facial yoga and facial exercises do not work and much worse than that they are the direct cause of ageing and will make it happen more rapidly. So please please please if you've been doing these exercises STOP and switch to facial massage instead. 

I'll be posting about facial massage soon which is a good thing! Check out Dr Schultz's videos on and YouTube for all kinds of skin issues, he's fantastic!

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photo of surprised cat; By Watchduck (a.k.a. Tilman Piesk) (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Saturday, April 18

Water difference 3 litres makes - uneven skin tone begone!

So I came across this old article on the Daily Mail online about this journalist, Sarah Smith aged 42 who decided to significantly increase her water intake from virtually nothing to 3 litres a day. She took a photo each week to see if it would make any difference to her appearance. Ladies and gents, it flipping well did!

Ok, yes the angle of her head is more flattering as is the light but even so there is a dramatic difference! The dark circles have lightened, her skin is less ruddy, the bags and crepiness under her eyes are all but disappeared and the contours of her face are sharper.

Drinking 3 litres of water a day for 4 weeks. Skin tone, redness, eyes bags, dark circles. Daily mail
Photo from the Daily Mail Online.

This inspired me to re-visit the days gone by when I was spending lots of time writing essays and absolutely had to drink my 3 litres a day. I kept this up for quite a few years after college but throughout university the habit tailed off.

Well now I'm back at it. I know that January was a long time ago now but this is my new tax year resolution!
Too Long have I relied on tea tea tea,
Too Long have I ignored my thirst because I couldn't be bothered to get up and grab a drink
Too Long have I lazed around because dehydration left me feeling muggy-headed and fatigued.
.. .getting a little dramatic here :)

I've bought myself a snazzy water bottle with a built in straw and sparkly diamonds around the middle. I bought a couple of bottles of squash and as longs as its full I'm drinking! I even bought one of those super concentrated juices to use on the go if I fill it from a tap or buy bottled water. I've been experimenting with the whole 'detox' water trend too; stuffing my bottle with chunks of grapefruit and mint leaves!

Water bottle with sparkly jewels, purple and pink. Filled with squash outside on the grass. 3 litres of water.

I love my snazzy drink bottle, it's so large and chunky it's quite comforting to hold. Rather like I would have held a giant Costa coffee in days gone by. ("days gone by"; I'm a liar, I still totally buy the odd large coffee!)

What effect is this brand new habit having? Well all good things. Just like the woman in the photo my skin is looking better, not just the obvious clearer pores, and less bumps under the skin but my skin tone is more even, my under eyes are more contoured and retain water less often and is it my imagination or does my skin look firmer overall? It's also the only thing that eases the dark circles which are always visible under my super-pale skin!

The biggest impact is always on my general well being - I have more energy and a clearer head. You know that late afternoon muzziness when you just want to lay down for a nap? Water chases that feeling away. I'm also getting a good workout for my legs as I run up and down the stairs every half an hour to 'powder my nose!' :)

Whenever I'm feeling a bit lazy or haven't drank anything for a while I remember the photo of the woman above and I'm motivated again. Water water water!!! Let's do this.

How about you? How do you get your daily water fix?
Ciao for now

Friday, April 17

Blogging fun - The Liebster award!!

Hi, a week or so ago I was nominated for the Liebster award by Leanne (@LeanneDunnage) who blogs over at LeanneonLife. It's a fun way to get to know the bloggers behind the screen and have a little me time. Head on over to Leanne's blog to find out why she started blogging, who inspires her and her dream career. Thanks Leanne!

Here are the rules;
1. Thank and link the person who has nominated you
2. Answer the nominator's 11 questions.
3. Nominate 11 small blogs who have less than 200 followers (I cheated a little here!). You should believe that they deserve this award and include their link in your post.
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer. Notify these nominees via social media or their blogs.

So, let's go with Leanne's questions from her post;

1. What is the most amazing thing that has happened to you, so far in your life?
Starting with a tough one! Falling wonderfully, hopelessly and crazily in love, it changed my life.

2. Why did you start blogging?
This beauty DIY. I discovered a way to ease the torturous itching on my legs after shaving and wanted to share it. Now that I'm here I'd love to meet more bloggers and socialise a little!

3. What or who is your blog inspired by?
I have a lot of opinions, I need somewhere to put them! :-D
My blog is inspired the many many teen mags I read - when beauty all about sprinkling glitter over your eyes, lips and cheeks and buying strawberry lip balm.

4. Where will your blog take you?
To opportunity! Opportunity to meet other bloggers and have some fun, and career-wise to keep my skills as a writer sharp; "writer's write", you can't call yourself a writer if you don't practice!!

5. What is your dream in life?
To work for myself in a career in which I feel I'm achieving something. Have enough money to never worry about money, to go shopping without looking at prices, go on holidays whenever I like and have a life full of love. And own a bright yellow car to park next to my bright yellow house. :-)

6. If you were to win £10 million on the lottery, what would be the first thing you would spend it on?
I'd set up a trust to end dog fighting and jail all those involved in such a disgusting practice.
More light-heartedly, I'd give away loads to my family, go travelling first-class all the way, and produce/finance a run of Calamity Jane in the West End and cast myself in the lead!!

7. Who is your favourite music artist and why?
Doris Day, Hayley Westenra, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Sutton Foster, Sammy Davis Jr, Bruno Mars, Celtic Woman, Ed Sheeran - because they all make me feel good and are all immensely talented. And of course Irving Berlin and Cole Porter for some of the world's greatest songs!

8. When are you at your happiest?
When I'm completely content. Today I sat in the sun with my dog on my lap reading, last week it was  sitting outside a caravan doing a crossword puzzle with boyfriend, a couple of weeks ago I was cuddled up with the boyfriend drinking cider in Lisbon, last week it was getting all dressed up in my fanciest dress and watching the Opera Madama Butterfly. My happiest moments are when I'm completely absorbed in whatever I'm doing and my worries float away.

9. Who is your hero/heroine/the person you most look up to? Why?
A drama teacher I know who has true and real empathy for everyone. She radiates energy and light and has a smile, encouragement and positivity for everyone. She has genuine empathy and I really admire that.

10. Describe your dream life
A life of real, genuine freedom with enough money that I never need worry about it. I can pursue lessons and classes, travel whenever I like, spend time with my family and gorgeous doggie, and decorate everything sunshine yellow!!

11. What is your favourite 'treat'?
It changes but at the moment, Eton mess, with extra meringue or rich, dark chocolate mousse with a hint of coffee.

Some big, tough questions there! I discovered some things about myself I think.

Okay, here are my 11 questions;
1. If you could click your fingers and be anywhere in the world where would you go?
2. If you could eat 1 meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
3. What item do you absolutely refuse to compromise on cost?
4. Which bad habit would you like to break?
5. What quality in others do you envy the most?
6. Tell us about something you own with great sentimental value.
7. If you were to teach a class in something what would it be?
8. If you could spend a month experiencing a different way of life what life would you choose?
9. Who would be invited to your fantasy dinner party? (alive or dead!)
10. What scares you?
11. How would you like to leave your mark on the world?

I hope you all like these questions girls! I'll be reading all your answers.
Here are the other blogging superstars I nominate;

Belle Ruby@whrhasbellebeen
Becki @beingbecki
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Have fun everyone!

Thursday, April 16

Ultimate shaving routine for irritated legs - no more red bumps!

woman's legs with white ballet flats. Legs, shaving, smooth skin, red bumps and irritation free. Hair removal.
Ola! We know the drill by now; shave, itch, scratch, red bumps, repeat. It can seriously get you down. Picking up from my previous 2 posts here is a more detailed, complete shaving routine to minimise irritation and the chances of red bumps as much as possible. If you experience the post-shave maddening itch, read on. . .

For a run-down of the causes of this irritation click here and for a DIY post-shave soothing spritz for whenever you get the itch, read this post.

1. Your razor - put aside your fancy goddess, 4 blade razortron 4000!
Put your expensive razor with it's so-called "moisturising strip" and multiple blades onto the shelf and find yourself a basic, cheap razor with 1 blade and no moisturising strip. I know you're disagreeing, so did I when I first heard it!

The hairs on our legs are soft and fine; not like the rough, thick stubbly men's facial hair. One blade is enough to remove the hair and leave you just as smooth - by shaving with 2, 3 even 4 blades you are basically shaving the same piece of skin 4 times - but the hair was removed the first time. Am I winning you over? 

Bic disposable ladyshaver. Pink razor for women with single blade and no moisturising strip.
If you're still skeptical let me tell you that my razors cost 75p for a pack of 4. 75p! If I'm wrong (I'm not) you've spent less than a £/$/E. A single blade shaves just as closely as a multiple blade razor - no difference in the finish. It also doesn't clog up and I saw a definite improvement.

2. What do you shave with?
Coconut oil. I know you've read it over and over again but it works. You don't need fancy, organic coconut oil; a normal tub like this one from naissance will do. Spread it over your legs then mix a little water in your hands and massage that in too to ensure absolutely no friction (if you don't you may find the coconut oil sinks into your skin and disappears!). 

Block of solid coconut oil. White chunk of coconut oil from naissance.
3. How do you shave?
"They" tell us to shave with the direction of growth, We say "That leaves us stubbly!!" As a compromise I sometimes shave diagonally but by far the kindest way you can shave is slowly. Rozor burn comes when your skin isn't lubricated enough and you shave too fast with a blunt razor. So slow down and sluice regularly. 

5. Prepare your skin
A shower is a great preparation for shaving; the steam softens the hairs and opens the pores. However if you don't have the time, fill a sink with hot water and grab a flannel. Soak the flannel, ring it out and lay it on your legs 3 or 4 times until your skin is warm to the touch.
Vaseline intensive care essential healing body lotion. Yellow bottle of lotion.5. Further prepare your skin
Don't waste your razor on removing a build-up of dead skin; grab these 2 ingredients and make your own body scrub to take away the dead skin cells. You won't need to press as hard and will find you're much gentler to your legs. 

6. Don't neglect aftercare!
Shaving dries out our legs so always moisturise afterwards. Choose something with a soothing ingredient like aloe vera, oat extract or rosehip oil but as little 'perfume or fragrance' as possible. I like the Vaseline intensive care lotions, they sink in almost instantly, aren't too expensive and are very soothing. 

7. Spritz for instant relief!
When the itch starts grab your bottle of DIY soothing post-shave spritz with oatmilk. Keep it in the fridge for maximum soothe factor.

8. Pop a pill
If you don't shave your legs very often, try taking an antihistamine pill (hay fever pill) on the same day as shaving. Don't do this every day, it's not a permanent solution; every pill you pop goes through your liver and kidneys. However, if your legs are particularly sensitive and it's been a few days, an antihistamine has a big effect for me.

9. Keep moisturising! 
Keep a bottle of your body lotion by your bed and every night when you apply your night cream apply some body lotion. Don't apply a lot otherwise it'll become a chore and you won't keep it up! Rub it between your palms, pat over your leg, smooth it and be done with it.

10. Encase your bedding
If you think it may be allergies to dustmites and the itch always starts in bed it may be worth encasing your bedding in anti-allergy covers. A lot of girls on this thread had success with that one simple change. 

Yes it takes more effort than for non-irritated girls and no, it's not fair - but the alternative is to scratch your itching legs and suffer the red bumps. Truly, terribly, unpleasant. Grab your coconut oil, your 75p razor, make the DIY post-shave spritz and good luck!!

As always I wish you happy, calm, shiny, smooth legs
Please support by sharing,
Ciao for now

If this works for you or if you have any other tips of your own share them with us in the comments...

Wednesday, April 15

Eyeliner, Pinterest crafts, Easter nests and Shopping - Instagram #2

After a (thankfully brief) cold, stormy weather front, Spring is back with a vengeance and getting sunnier every day! I hope you're all finding time to get outside and enjoy it. And if you're in Australia/New Zealand and transitioning to Autumn/Winter, well, you get fantastic weather the rest of the year and reach temperatures we can only dream of so be happy for us in rainy old blightly! Anyway, here are some more beautiful Instagram photos to brighten your day. Each one of them makes me smile :-)
When good eyeliner happens - every so often things just go right. I was loving how perfect this black liner turned out with a beautiful peach eye shadow look.

A little shopping Superdrug led me to this shelf where BB/CC/DD cream were all on half price. I gave the DD cream a try and so far I'm still loving it!! See the in-depth test and review here.

At the weekend the cheeky little dog and I had some cuddles in front of the windows as we waited for the rain to stop. Ain't she gorgeous?

Homemade scones!! With some posh whisky raspberry jam, I had no clotted cream in the house so I quickly whipped up some buttercream, I love buttercream - any excuse.

A roast chicken always goes down well with me and the boyfriend, and of course, living in Staffordshire we have to have proper China with a proper pottery's stamp on the back - these willow pattern plates are Churchill.

Then of course it was time for Easter and we made Easter nests and covered them in Smarties, Dolly mixtures and Malteser bunnies. So much fun, so pretty and of course, delicious!

I love how this photo turned out for this review/test post about the Superdrug DD cream. The backdrop is a super soft furry blanket.

This one came out looking so other-worldly; a cake pop tray full of DIY oatmilk, soothing post-shave spritz ready to go into the freezer. 

I finally took all my little Pinterest crafts I'd been busy making and arranged them around the house. I love this little collection on my windowsill. Gold spray paint, wine bottles and empty cans.

And one more shot of the Easter nests. The little Maleaster bunnies looked so cute! And were a big hit with both sets of parents. I couldn't resist one last shot of these colourful little cakes!

So that's some highlights from my Instgram feed, if you want to follow me I'm @PromisingYellow, leave me a comment on one of my photos and we can be Instagram buds! :-D
Anyway, the dog is sitting by the back gate and staring at me so I suppose it's walkies time!

Ciao for now

Sunday, April 12

Red bumps, pain and irritation when shaving - Why?

Braun electic shaver and bic lady razor in gold pot with teal flowers behind. Causes of shaving irritation, itching and red bumps.
Why are my legs so itchy after shaving? What causes the red bumps and irritation? There are millions of us out there who shave and a few hours later are attacking our legs because they itch so much! Before you know it you've got great welts on your legs, red bumps, you may be bleeding and even bruised. All we want is smooth, shiny legs so we can feel all goddess-like as the adverts promise us.

Check out this DIY soothing post-shave spritz to soothe it and read the Ultimate Shaving routine for irritated legs - no more red bumps. Today, let's look at the causes.

A few years ago I found this huge thread of comments from women and their partners all trying to solve this problem. I checked in on it again and it's STILL going! It has 6 years worth of comments dating all the way back to 2009 - nobody seems to have a definitive fix! There are so many ideas floating around about why this happens but 'they' can't seem to agree on just one. So here is a run-down of some of the explanations that make sense.

Green signpost with signs for causes of shaving irritation, time of the month, dryness, dustmites, razor burn, folliculitis.

1. Folliculitis - infection of the hair follicle that turns into a red bump, sometimes white in the middle like a zit. Caused by bacteria, it's itchy but usually goes away on its own in a few days. One girl said that washing her legs with an acne facewash helped her, interesting!

2. How you shave - shaving against the grain can disrupt the direction of the hair's path so when they start growing back they miss the follicle opening and poke the wrong part of the skin. Eventually they'll pop out where they're supposed to or become ingrown hairs. In shaving this is rarely severe - you'll probably see the hair growing just under the surface of a very thin layer of skin, you'll feel it as a little bump and be able to scrape it out again with your nail.

3. A thin layer of skin forms - Some hours after your shave a very thin layer of skin forms over your legs and when the hairs start growing back through this skin it itches! For the ladies who get the itch 12-24 hours later this seems a logical explanation.

4. Dustmites - Quite a few people on this thread said they found great relief when encasing their bedding in anti-allergy casing, once they'd done this the irritation went away indicating it was the dustmites. If you're itching starts when you're in bed this might be something to look into.

woman's legs, lower leg and black shoes.
5. Using the wrong products - you may be allergic to your shaving gel/cream causing contact dermatitis. I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but try a few different ones and read the ingredients list. You may be able to find which ingredient specifically irritates your legs.

6. Dryness/dehydration - Shaving removes the top layer of skin and moisture - if you have particularly sensitive legs you'll need more body lotion and more regular application, than others.

7. Too tight clothes/chafing - Just after you've shaved, your legs are extra sensitive, wearing tight leggings which  rub against your sensitive legs will cause irritation; give them some air.

8. Perfume - Your body lotions and other products may be fragranced - even if it's essential oils it is still fragrance which can irritate skin, especially freshly-shaved skin.

9. Razor burn - shaving too fast and without enough lubrication. slow down and eliminate the friction.

10. Hygiene - it's suggested that poor hygiene lets bacteria and dead skin cells build up, making it tough for the hair to grow in and causing infections. On the other hand, too much bathing and exfoliating can dry your skin out and make it extra sensitive even before shaving.

11. Too hot baths - a lot of people experience irritation with hot water, apparently hot water strips the oils from our skin, oils which our skin needs to protect itself.

12. Time of the month - Our fluctuating hormones seem to be the cause of all kinds of issues! Let's throw it in here for good measure :-)

There is not one definitive answer to the causes of shaving irritation; yours may be due to 1 or 5 of these things. But if we have a good idea of the causes we can keep an eye on when the irritation happens and try to figure out what we can do to cut it down.

For instant relief, whenever and wherever, try the DIY post-shave spritz and my next beauty post will be on establishing a shaving routine that cuts down the irritation as much as possible.

Until then, I hope this helped, and please leave any other causes you know of down in the comments - the more we know the better chance of stopping it!
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Ciao for now

Tuesday, April 7

A beautiful Spring week on Instagram #1

Years ago I decided I didn't like Instagram. I can't really remember why! It was probably to do with the phone I was using. But thanks to a quick twitter chat with Catriona who blogs at TeaTimeTreatery, Miss Sue Flay and Kate at Beak Up Crafts I've decided to give it another go and love it! So, thanks girls :-) I can't stop posting. I've put up nearly 50 beautiful (I think so) photos here in a couple of weeks and each one of them makes me smile and lifts my spirits.

So far I'm following Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr, Zoella and the rest of the British Youtuber pack butI'm always looking for new gorgeous/cute/interesting feeds to follow on anything from cakes to animals to travel. Leave me a link to your feed down below or comment on one of my Instagram photos (I'm at PromisingYellow) "Found you at Promising Beauty" and we can start swapping pics!

So without further preamble, here is my first(ish) week on Instagram!

Flying home from Lisbon, Portufal. Beautiful white, sunshine clouds. Above the clouds while flying.
We had a 5 day break in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal and this was the stunning view just after was very quickly replaced by a chilly evening in Manchester!

Gorgeous little Jack Russell terrier with her big brown eyes begging for bacon. a perfect, cute small dog.
Coming home is always bittersweet but I was so happy to see this little beautiful face again! I love my little dog, she's a Jack Russell terrier and in this picture she was actually begging for bacon. She got a little piece...

Perfect, healthy, fluffy little oatie pancakes for breakfast on Colcloughs pottery ware.
To make our first morning back better we had pancakes for breakfast! I replaced half the flour for oat flour so they were more filling, healthy and tummy-flattening. Oats are a definite superfood!
Hamper for her from interflora with strawberry fruit tea, blackcurrant and blueberry jam, almond vanilla biscuits, chocolate caramels and las condes wine.
8.30am on a Saturday the postman woke me up... but it was okay because he was delivering this beautiful box of birthday goodies. A couple of weeks late but who cares, it's the thought that counts and I love it.

Springtime accessories, cute daisy earrings. studs.
The clocks went forwards, we lost an hour of sleep but gained an hour of sunshine! Springtime is officially here and I have been embracing it with these gorgeous daisy earrings. They're just the right size stud earring and so cheery and happy. Love them!

chocolate mousse topping, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate hearts. Yummy dessert
Chocolate mousse topping. . .om nom nom. Whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate hearts. It was delicious!

Jack Russell terrier looking out into the garden in springtime at sunset
Another one of the gorgeous dog, we sat just inside the patio doors in the late afternoon sunshine, me drinking tea, her sitting on my knee surveying her territory - if you have a Jack Russell you'll know that they think the entire world is their territory!!
Whittards instant tea selection. English fruits, cranberry and raspberry, lychee and mango, dreamtime, blackcurrant and eldeflower and Turkish apple.
Another Birthday gift. A selection of Whittards instant tea. So far Lychee and mango is my favourite - it has a perfumed quality to it and it's lovely!

DIY blueberry wax melts in the shape of hearts. Cobalt blue.
I hate letting good candles go to waste when they've burned out, especially this beautiful blueberry scented one from York which I melted and turned into candle wax melts!

A toad in a flat cap driving a Rolls Royce from some wacky wallpaper in a guesthouse in York.
While in York we had the craziest wallpaper covered in strange little pictures of animals. Here's a toad driving a Rolls Royce. What more do you want???

Yellow Rose from velentine's bouquet. sunshine yellow.
And finally I had to include this beautiful yellow rose from the Valentine's bouquet the Boyfriend bought me back in Feb. Who doesn't love flowers? And yellow is the best colour in the world! ;-)

So that's my first-ish week on Instagram. If you have a beautiful or interesting feed leave me a link down below or comment on one of my Instagram photos "Found you at Promising Beauty" and we can be Instagram buddies!

Anyway, that's all for now, I hope this made you smile. Don't forget top check out my most recent Beauty post - DIY Instant releif oat milk post-shave spritz for irritated legs and red bumps. A life-saver if you get that post-shave itch like me and hundreds of others.

Have a good week everyone!
Ciao for now