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Where is your acne? What's causing it?

When you're doing everything right, your skin is great but one area is breaking out and you just don't know why! It's annoying and you want it gone! Sometimes it's just one of those things but often there's a reason for that particular spot in that particular place. Read on to find out the most likely cause of your acne. . .

*As always, I am addressing mild/moderate acne and not cystic acne which requires medical treatment

Where is your acne?
Likely causes
Fix it!
the chin is usually about hormones but it also produces a lot of oil
Time of the month
Apply a calming, antibacterial spot remedy, be patient
Changing your contraceptive pill
If it doesnt clear up talk to your doctor about changing to a different type of pill
Oil and bacteria clogging pores
Blot excess oil throughout the day, use a salicylic acid serum regularly to keep your pores clear
Research to find a routine that works for you. DONT attack your skin with harsh products, keep it gentle
Between the eyes

Glasses or sunglasses harbouring bacteria
Clean the area that touches your skin daily
Oil/hair products from your fringe/bangs
Shield your skin when spraying products, sweep your fringe to the side, wash your fringe daily
Touching your face
Throughout the day your fingers pick up all kinds of bacteria, keep them away from your face
The top/back of the cheeks
This is usually a dry area of the face with little to no oiliness
Mobile phone
Clean it
Leaning your face against your hand,
don't touch your face unless your hands are clean
Dirty makeup and brushes
Wash your make-up brushes at least once per week
Hair products
keep your hair away from your face or try to shield your skin when spraying products
Sides of the nose/cheeks

This area of the face produces the most oil and has larger, visible pores
Excess oil
Use blotting sheets regularly throughout the day
Blocked pores
Deep cleanse with a clay mask once per week, use a salicylic acid serum to unblock your pores
Acne bacteria
Try the oil cleansing method every night/few times a week, follow with a DIY apple cider vinegar toner, use oil-free moisturiser
Hair products/oil
If you have a fringe (bangs) wash it more regularly than the rest of your hair, shield your skin when you spray hair products
The brim of the hat, will gather bacteria, oil, make-up and moisturiser.
Wash your hats regularly, even if you only wash the brim. Try not to wear the same hat all the time, switch it up with different options
Edges of the face
Not cleansing properly;
The edges of your face harbour make-up, oil and hair products
Make sure that you cleanse this area just as thoroughly as the rest of the face; take your cleanser past your chin to the neck, and over the edge of the forehead, into the hairline.
If you regularly wear a scarf, keep the edges away from your chin and wash it regularly
Leaning your face against your hand
Hands pick up all kinds of bacteria, keep them away from your face
Edges of the lips/around the mouth
Lip balm/lipstick
over the lip-line causes blackheads which can turn into spots
Keep your lip balm on your lips. No matter what brand you use, its not made for your face!
Use blotting sheets throughout the day, follow your cleanser with a toner and use a deep cleanse mask once per week.

 Is there anywhere on the face you think I've missed? What advice would you give for these site-specific spots? Let me know in the comments

I hope this has helped give you an idea of some of the more unconventional reasons for acne, please share so that others might see this too.

Ciao for now

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  1. This is so great, thank you. Must have taken you a while! I'm going to save it to my phone for future reference. Lots of things I never thought of, like my phone!

    Claudia Harriet // Student Lifestyle Blog

    1. What a great compliment! It can often be something so obvious once someone suggests it to you! :-)

  2. This is such a great list! Very helpful, thank you.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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