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When should I apply my facemask?

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There are different types of facemasks for a variety of skin issues, but thanks to movies and TV there's a misconception that just before an important event we should deep cleanse with a clay mask - NO!! 

Some facemasks are wasted when used at the wrong time and some will actually make your skin worse; read on to find out the best time to apply your facemask; from deep cleansing to soothing to brightening.

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1. Deep cleansing and clay masks - are designed to get deep down into your pores, grab hold of the dirt, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria and drag it all to the surface.

Do not apply this kind of mask right before an event or even before make-up! When you rinse off a deep cleansing mask your pores are open and any pores that were unblocked have been stretched and need time to shrink. If you smear those empty, open pores with make-up you'll get a brand new blocked pore and probably spots. 

There's also the element of 'purging'; it shouldn't happen with your every day skincare but with a cleansing facemask you'll often find that a secret spot, previously hidden under the surface, is now loud and proud! This is not what we want right before our graduation pictures, date night or our birthday night out. If you want to deep cleanse your skin do it when you have a 'couple of days off' as it were - just in case.

2. Brightening masks - never last for very long, they're not really supposed to! A Brightening mask delivers a burst of wonderful ingredients to make your skin glow; sometimes they'll firm up your skin or smooth over any wrinkles.

But here's the catch, your skin will go on doing its thing and the effects of the mask, like make up, will wear off. So doesn't it seem a waste to do this right before bed? Yes! This is the mask we want when it's birthday party time, graduation day and date night.

3. Moisturising masks - a tricky one to get right but as a general rule, apply the night before.

If you're using quite a thick mask, once the nutrients and oils have been absorbed, give your skin chance to use those goodies to really look its best. Unlike the brightening masks, these masks are designed to penetrate and absorb deeply into the skin.

If you have dry skin you may find that these types of masks make your skin look instantly better in which case 'the morning of' may work for you too. For those of us with oily or combination skin, the masks may temporarily make our skin oilier, we don't want a weird oil/make-up paste sitting atop our pores on an important day, right? Give your skin the night to assimilate the mask and re-balance oil production

4. Hydrating masks - hydrating masks [should] focus on replacing a lack of water rather than oil.

It's the most misunderstood part of the skincare world - just because your skin is oily, doesn't mean it's not dehydrated! These types of masks are often on sheet masks as they tend to be more gel-like and watery in consistency.

Whether you're oily, dry or combination, hydrating masks are great to use a few hours before an event; they plump your skin and make you look refreshed. Pop one of these on on the day of your event. Let it sit for a good amount of time too!

5. Soothing facemasks - if you have sensitive skin which reddens easily you may find that a soothing mask calms your skin but the very act of rinsing it makes you red again! 

 Be aware that even though you've rinsed it away, your skin has taken in those nutrients and will use them overnight. I don't have very sensitive skin but those times when I do have a flare up I find that the morning after, my skin is much better than when I've just rinsed.

If you don't normally have sensitive skin, try applying one of these babies right after a deep cleansing mask to calm any redness.

6. Overnight facemask - you really don't need me for this one. . .

Hope you found this useful, please support by sharing and leave a comment below if you think I've missed anything out or to share with us how you use your facemasks!!

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