Friday, March 27

Springtime blog overhaul! What was I thinking?

Springtime flowers, yellow chrysanthemums, and white daisies in the sunshine. Happy, gorgeous flowers!

It's been 7 months now since I started 2 blogs - 2 blogs! And I'm very much wondering 'what was I thinking?' I can't run 2 blogs! I started with a personal blog PromisingYellow and PromisingBeauty, both of which I love. This will probably come as no surprise to all the bloggers out there;

one blog has all my attention and the other has fallen by the wayside.
PromisingBeauty has had my attention and literally thousands more views and more posts. I'm really proud of my posts on PromisingYellow but barely anybody has seen them as I've put little or no effort into 'getting it out there' - it's like sending my writing into the void! (this might be a little dramatic).

With this in mind it's time for a change. I look at all you other fabulous blogging ladies out there happily blogging about beauty/hair/fashion as well as whatever takes your fancy all in one place - why didn't I do that???

PromisingBeauty isn't a pharmacy website and it's not a business, it's a blog! So with that in mind I will combine the two and PromisingYellow will have its own place on PromisingBeauty. Of course it'll still be a beauty/skincare blog but I'm going to loosen the reigns a bit. I love the premise of PromisingYellow - to write about happy, cheery things that make me smile and feel good - and the posts there do genuinely make me smile when I re-read them so I will not send it to the "blog's-home"!

I'm not sure how I'll do this yet, I'm still a blogger toddler after all - I'm not even 1 in blogger years! Whether to have a weekly 'PromisingYellow' post, or a seperate area of the blog or to just mix it in - suggestions are very welcome :-)

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking right now.

I hope you're all smiling! I'm waiting for some news through the post and praying it's good so your happy thoughts and wishes would be much appreciated.
Ciao for now

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