Thursday, March 26

Quick post! Prepping for a facemask

facemasks, boots the sanctuary, Superdrug and Innisfree. Soothing cucumber peel-off mask, yoghurt smoothie mask and deep cleansing clay mask for acne and blocked pores. Lush facemask in Brazened honeyThis is a quick post on getting your skin ready for a facemask. Click here for more details about the different types of facemasks and when to apply them for maximum results!

1. To really get the best from your facemasks, always exfoliate beforehand. If prepping for a deep cleansing mask, exfoliate a few hours or the day before because physical exfoliation + deep cleansing mask can mean irritation and stinging; especially if your skin is irritated or you've been out in the sun. (Don't you just love that summer is returning?).
            For any other type of mask, most of us are ok to exfoliate right before. Either way, there's no point applying a lovely facemask to dead skin cells, right?

2. Of course, cleanse first and make sure your skin is clean of any make-up.

3.  Open up your pores with warm water or a shower or a workout - you don't need to steam your face as this can cause broken capillaries and irritation, you just want your skin warm and pink like you've just been in the gym for an hour! This is especially important for a deep cleansing mask; our pores are where horrid acne bacteria and blackheads are hiding! 

4. Wait at least an hour afterwards to apply make-up for those pores to shrink back to their normal size. It's better to wait overnight after a deep cleansing mask.

A little warning!
It's totally normal for your skin to tingle as you apply - especially when your pores are open - but if it ever feels more than a tingle, if it starts burning and feeling painful rinse it off straight away! Splash your face with cool water and don't worry, any redness won't last. I once had a very bad experience with a botanics mask which felt like it burnt my skin so badly but it felt much worse that it looked so don't worry about long-term effects, just get it off asap!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post, One of the reasons I'm quite a sporadic poster is that my posts are so long, maybe if I shorten them I'll be able to get more up??? We'll see.
Ciao for now

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