Wednesday, March 18

Manicure time! Spots and polka dots, easy nail art!

Pink polka dots nail art. Orange, pink and purple spotty manicure for summer, spring or valentine's day! Super cute nails.
This is a wonderful nail look that looks so intricate and like you've spent a good hour and a half in the salon chair but is actually much MUCH quicker than you think! Dots are the easiest nail art to create; with a kirby grib, (bobbypin), tip of a pencil or a toothpick, just dip and dot.

This nail look is adapted from one I found here on Polish and Pearls, she has an unending portfolio of looks! The original was blue but I find that pink goes the best with my wardrobe! Change it to match whatever colour scheme you like - orange or yellow would be beautiful for spring and I really want to resurrect my mint green from last year. 

Start with a pale base coat and pick out 4 or 5 colours to compliment eachother. Be varied - don't just choose pinks; I chose orange, white and purple as well as 2 pinks. When I tried a blue a few months ago I added grey and an orange. It all adds interest!

Blob your first colour on a surface, dip in your dotting tool of choice (I used a kirby grip) and dot 4-7 dots on your nail, concentrating at the base. Don't try and be mathematical about it, dot wherever! Allow the colours to overlap and let a few dots drift up - think of balloons. (this is also great to cover up any chips and nicks in your base colour - no one will know!)

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Don't forget to finish with a topcoat! Isn't it a gorgeous look? I'm most excited about the opportunity to switch it with different colours, I'm sure I'll be recreating this with mint green soon! As always, you can go with all 10 fingers or just 2-3 on each hand as accent nails. This also looks great on short nails, in these photos I'd just cut all my nails down after letting them grow inconveniently long!

Pink polka dots nail art. Orange, pink and purple spotty manicure for summer, spring or valentine's day! Blue polka dot nails.Super cute nails.
What about a blue background with green/white and yellow dots as flowers? would that be too much? I don't know, I might give it a go and see. The last time I did this look I did 2 nails in the blue scheme on each hand, I love this trend, I believe it's drifted over from K-pop.

Anyway, lucky me, I'm flying off to Lisbon today for a birthday trip with the boyfriend - can't wait! I absolutely love Lisbon, a perfect capital city. And of course I can't wait to escape the freezing cold weather here in the UK.

This is getting a little rambly now so I'm off.
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Obrigado! Adios for now

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