Sunday, February 1

Valentine's pink ombre nails!

If you want to wear bright pink and glitter on your nails but it all seems too loud, too plastic-like and a bit too childish for you, here is a great way to get some girly glitter and sparkle that lets you embrace your inner Barbie girl without that loud, "I'm wearing glitter! I wish I were 15 again!" effect. And, you can easily adapt this to suit your favourite Valentine's colours.

You will need
4 pink nail polishes from very light to deep raspberry
A sponge of some kind; a make-up sponge is best but I used a piece of kitchen scourer and it was fine. If you're really stuck use a cotton pad and slightly dampen it - very slightly!

1.) Put a blob of your lightest, almost white-pink polish on some paper, dip in your sponge and dab about halfway down your nail, use a little polish first, you can always build it up.
TIP: Keep the end of your nail bare for now, too many layers on the end of your nail will stop it from drying

 2.)Grab your light, candy-pink, blob it, dip it and dab it. Make sure you don't cover up all of the light pink we just did, try to leave a good amount peeking out

3.) Now grab your bright, true pink and concentrate it on the end of your nails. If you find you've covered up too much of the lighter shade, dab a little more on, just on the join where the 2 colours meet.

4.) Finally, get your darkest pink and dab this right on the very tips of your nails. The dark shade adds a lovely depth and finishes the coloured ombre beautifully! Again, if you need to, dip into the slightly lighter shade and dab along the join, then go back to the dark and re-do the very ends.

Let it dry

5.) Now for the real finishing touches to take it up a notch or 10!
Apply a subtle glitter all over the nail, I bought a very cheap one from the supermarket which gives a very light coverage of teeny flecks of glitter. And lastly grab a full on WOW sparkly glitter and paint it over the pink. Add a second coat just on the very tips so that the glitter has a gradient to it.

Add a top coat to keep it glued to your nails whatever you end up doing on Valentine's day [ ;-) cheeky!]  and enjoy!

And here is the Pinterest-friendly step-by-step;

This is beautiful look in purple, blue or red, it's up to you! Whether you're single with friends or in a relationship with your special other half, grab some pink flowers, make some cute cupcakes and stick on a sappy romantic film to enjoy
with a bottle of prosecco.

Stay Lovable and Loving!

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