Tuesday, February 10

Valentine's Nails - Pink Leopard Print Hearts

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. Nail art red, plum, pink and glitter
Here is a 3rd fun manicure that looks great on shorter nails! Go bold with all ten nails or just 1-2 on each hand as accent nails. And don't forget your Guy friendly make-up to ensure your make-up won't get in the way this Valentine's. x

Want to see the other 2 fun nail looks for Valentines Day? Try Valentine's Pink Ombre or Pink Champagne!

 You will need
  • A pale base colour - pale peach works well or try a purple theme with a pale lavender or go pure with white! I chose a very pale, chalky pink.
  • 2-3 shades of pink - go for 2 pinks and a red or 1 pink and a couple of purples according to what speaks to you!
  • A dark colour - black/brown/burgundy/purple, make sure it's the darkest colour you've got, I used a very dark burgundy
  • Toothpick or kirby grip (bobbypin)
  • And of course - glittery topcoat!

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. How to draw a heart with nail polish in nail art
To make the heart shape just draw 2 lines with the corner of your brush. Add 2-3 hearts for each nail and a collection of little blobs. Don't worry about being neat, you'll use the dark shade to round out the shape of the hearts and define the edges later.

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. pin, red, plum and glitter nail art. Romantic and fun valentine's day how to.

To outline your shapes blob some of the dark shade onto some paper, dip in the tip of a toothpick or kirby grip (bobbypin); don't surround the whole shape, just a little on one side and a little on the other. When it comes to the hearts you can use it to define the round shapes at the top and fix any major wobbles! -- Essential when you're working on your 'other' hand! Don't forget the topcoat and to clean up the edges (something which I always forget to do.)

Finally, tweet me a picture @promisingyellow and if you want to watch a video tutorial here is the original Bubzbeauty tutorial which I have been happily adapting year after year - we all love a bit of Bubz!!

Have a fabulous Valentine's day - whether you're taken, single or looking, it's always fun to embrace the hearts and the pink and the glitter!! Let your inner barbie girl out with one of these nail looks;

Pink champagne valentines day manicure. Miss sporty 3D polish. Pink glitter barbie nails with Barry M yellow topaz
Valentines day pink ombre nails with Barry M yellow topaz glitter. Valentines day nail art manicure

Have a wonderful day, laugh, love and kiss!
Happy Valentine's day
Ciao for now


  1. Aw, so cute! :) I love all your Valentine's Day nail posts, they're so girly and pink~ I really like how detail you are with your instructions and photos, it's really helpful!

    xx Courtney


    1. Thanks so much! What a lovely comment to read, I wish Google had told me, I've only just seen it! I hope you tried one??? :-) x


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