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Konjac sponge vs Facial Buffing sponge - Superdrug Pebbles

Superdrug facial buffing sponge and dehydratedfacial konjac sponge from the superdrug pebbles range. Cleansing
I bought the Superdrug Pebbles Facial buffing sponge (review here) and still love it! But as the range is so well priced, and I was curious, I decided to try the dehydrated facial konjac sponge too. If you're trying to decide between the 2, aren't you lucky you stumbled upon this little post? Read on!

First look from the packaging; the facial buffing sponge "deeply cleanses, smoothes and polishes" and the konjac sponge "delicately exfoliates [and is made of] pure vegetable fibres".

The Konjac sponge is made from the fibres of a very strange plant grown in the East Asian countries and one of its many uses is to make our faces ever so soft! Unlike the Buffing sponge it's very absorbent and very gentle. It softens up very quickly, absorbs a ton of water and it just sits inside the sponge, dripping nowhere. A very strange little tool!

Superdrug pebbles dehydrated fical konjac sponge out of the packet as new and full of water
The Konjac sponge straight out of the packaging (left) and full of water (right)

When using it it doesn't feel particularly 'scrubby' just a lovely gentle springy little sponge - but afterwards it leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and exfoliated without the redness of a harsher scrub. We're talking very soft! So the minerals that the root is said to contain must be more than just marketing guff.

My favourite thing about it is the shape and texture make it perfect for facial massaging! The domed shape of the sponge, and the soft yet firm, springy texture means I can apply some real pressure to de-puff the areas of my face which I can feel are holding onto water and congestion. It's wonderful in big circles around the eyes, up and down the jawbone and down the sides of the cheeks. And I'm safe in knowing it's not leaving my skin red or irritated from too much rubbing as the surface is so gentle.

Superdrug pebble facial buffing sponge and facial konjac sponge comparison, compared side by side

So the results? Well, I've been using it about 3 times a week for a month with my usual creamy cleanser and it shows no signs of wear. After each use my skin feels softer but not in a 'scrubbed' kind of way. There is some gentle physical exfoliation happening but not the type to leave my skin red or irritated. It's great to deeply massage and de-puff my face and best of all, because it's a Superdrug own brand product it's almost always on special offer, is low priced and is BUAV approved so no animal testing here! No little bunnies have suffered for my soft skin.

Superdrug facial buffing sponge and dehydratedfacial konjac sponge from the superdrug pebbles range. compared side by side as new straight out of packaging.

So which should you buy? 
If you want something to replace your facial scrub that will rid you of dead skin choose the facial buffing sponge. If you tend to avoid anything scrubby because you have sensitive skin, the konjac sponge should take care of your exfoliating needs. If your fingers get tired when you're massaging your face grab the konjac for some very relaxing relief.

In conclusion I guess my advice is wait for a buy 1 get 1 free event and buy both!

Happy cleansing!
Ciao for now

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