Monday, February 2

Pink Champagne nails - Warm Pink and Golden Glitter for Valentine's day!

If Barbie invented a holiday it would probably be Valentine's day - pink, red, glittery, flowers, romance, cupcakes and of course - Love! Well, thanks to the hilarious 'life in the dream house' (check it out here) I love a bit of Barbie so here are some unashamedly Barbie-fied Valentine's day nails. Pink, gold shimmery, sparkly and glittery! And incredibly quick drying.

The pink is the Miss Sporty Crush on You, 3D texture in pink bloom. Just like the orange shade in this look, it is beautifully shimmery & glittery and dries almost instantly. It has a very strange texture almost like a gentle sandpaper which I don't mind as I always wear topcoat anyway.

L-R; Barry M glitter 'Yellow Topaz', Barry M topcoat,         Miss sporty, crush on you 3D texture, without glitter or topcoat,          Miss Sporty Crush on you 3D texture 'Pink Bloom'                                  showing the rough texture                                

The glitter over the top is the gorgeous gold sprinkling of Barry M in 'yellow topaz'. One of my best nail polish purchases, it steps up almost any nail look.

The 2 together create a warm, Princessy pink that's not too pale and not to bright. Even though I'm wearing a ton of glitter, the rosy colour and the shimmery texture of the pink tone it down so that it's less "I'm-off-to-the-roller-disco-to-dance-to-some-80's-hits" and more "don't-my-fingers-look-like-gorgeous-treats-that-should-be-on-display-in-a-Parisienne-patisserie?"

The think I love most about going all-out girly with the pink and the glitter is that it catches my eye when I least expect it - when I pick up my spoon to indulge in something yummy or my boyfriend takes hold of my hand across a candlelit table (come on, this is a Valentine's post after all!) or even tap tap tapping out a blog post right now on the keyboard.

For a pink ombre Valentine's look click here. And to see the results of the other Miss Sporty 3D texture nail polish click right here.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day whether you're feeding eachother chocolate covered strawberries, out for speed dating to meet someone new or having a girls' night with wine, chocolate and giggles.
Stay loving and lovable


  1. They look so cute:) i doing mine pink and white stripes for valentines day.

  2. Oooh tricky! Are you using tape or free-handing it? tweet me a pic @promisingyellow xx


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