Thursday, February 12

Get ready for Valentine's Romance - Top-to-Toe Beauty!

The big day that brightens up our dreary February is just about here! Whether you're settled, dating or looking let's get Valentine's ready - from top-to-toe!

 First, let's wash away the working week; it's Valentine's weekend, use one of these wonderful Dolly's Mixtures bubble baths/shower gels to make your whole Bathroom smell gorgeous!. Pina Colada, Candy floss and Bubblegum are my favourites. (Candy floss will leave you smelling like sugar) Pick out a fave for yourself from here (click);
Dolly's mixtures bubble bath and showergel. Candy floss, bubblegum, pina colada, rhubarb and custard, lemon bon-bon, strawberyy daquiri, bucks fizz, red velvet cupcake, lime mojito, vanilla cupcake.
Dolly's Mixtures Bubble bath and Shower Gel

Easy diy body scrub. Dolly's mixtures bubble bath/shower gel in pina colada
And of course get your skin silky soft with the
World's Easiest DIY Body Scrub (click)

Feet care, hard skin remover, callous revmover, cooling foot spray, foot file all to remove dry skin from heels.
Don't forget to follow-up by taking 
care of your feet! The Thickest, Hardest skin - BEGONE! (click)

Make up revolution lipstick in rebel with a cause. Superdrug plum lipstick
If you're looking for an alternative to pink and red this Valentine's day consider this beautiful plum shade from Make-up Revolution. (click for more!)

Guy friendly make up. Date make up. Vintage/retro couple kissing from the 1920s
Are you planning to get up close and cuddly? Maybe steal some kisses? Remember to apply your Guy-friendly Make-up (click); wear all the make-up you usually do without it getting in the way. From foundation to blusher, get set with your Valentine's make-up.

Leopard print hearts, glittery pink gradient ombre nails and miss sporty 3D texture crush on you nail polish with barry m yellow topaz glitter topcoat. Valentine's nails.
Pink Leopard Print Hearts                    Pink Champagne                             Valentine's Pink, Glittery Ombre
If you're a regular visitor here, welcome back (and if you're not, get following on bloglovin!!), you know I love a holiday-themed manicure! Choose from these 3 beautiful, glittery, pink Valentine's nail looks. Check them out and get an idea of the nails you want gracefully lifting your glass of prosecco or caressing his hand as he tells you how wonderful you are!! 
Prompt him if necessary ;-)

Renewing Argan oil of Morocco. Hair oil.

Just before leaving take the smallest amount of Argan Oil (click) for your hair and tame any flyaways/frizzy ends.

Library of fragrance perfumes, handbag sized. Mango, marshmallow, moonbeam, musk #7, orange blossom.

Finally, grab a bottle of some beautiful perfume to spritz yourself with and to pop into your handbag. You'll definitely find something in The Library of Fragrance (click) - Vanilla ice-cream is my favourite!

 You're smelling sweet, looking gorgeous and ready to pucker up. If you're single, play hard to get, if you're not, still play hard to get; you're a girl worth fighting for (I've listened to far too much Disney this week!) Have a wonderful weekend!
Ciao for now

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