Friday, February 20

Konjac sponge vs Facial Buffing sponge - Superdrug Pebbles

Superdrug facial buffing sponge and dehydratedfacial konjac sponge from the superdrug pebbles range. Cleansing
I bought the Superdrug Pebbles Facial buffing sponge (review here) and still love it! But as the range is so well priced, and I was curious, I decided to try the dehydrated facial konjac sponge too. If you're trying to decide between the 2, aren't you lucky you stumbled upon this little post? Read on!

First look from the packaging; the facial buffing sponge "deeply cleanses, smoothes and polishes" and the konjac sponge "delicately exfoliates [and is made of] pure vegetable fibres".

The Konjac sponge is made from the fibres of a very strange plant grown in the East Asian countries and one of its many uses is to make our faces ever so soft! Unlike the Buffing sponge it's very absorbent and very gentle. It softens up very quickly, absorbs a ton of water and it just sits inside the sponge, dripping nowhere. A very strange little tool!

Superdrug pebbles dehydrated fical konjac sponge out of the packet as new and full of water
The Konjac sponge straight out of the packaging (left) and full of water (right)

When using it it doesn't feel particularly 'scrubby' just a lovely gentle springy little sponge - but afterwards it leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and exfoliated without the redness of a harsher scrub. We're talking very soft! So the minerals that the root is said to contain must be more than just marketing guff.

My favourite thing about it is the shape and texture make it perfect for facial massaging! The domed shape of the sponge, and the soft yet firm, springy texture means I can apply some real pressure to de-puff the areas of my face which I can feel are holding onto water and congestion. It's wonderful in big circles around the eyes, up and down the jawbone and down the sides of the cheeks. And I'm safe in knowing it's not leaving my skin red or irritated from too much rubbing as the surface is so gentle.

Superdrug pebble facial buffing sponge and facial konjac sponge comparison, compared side by side

So the results? Well, I've been using it about 3 times a week for a month with my usual creamy cleanser and it shows no signs of wear. After each use my skin feels softer but not in a 'scrubbed' kind of way. There is some gentle physical exfoliation happening but not the type to leave my skin red or irritated. It's great to deeply massage and de-puff my face and best of all, because it's a Superdrug own brand product it's almost always on special offer, is low priced and is BUAV approved so no animal testing here! No little bunnies have suffered for my soft skin.

Superdrug facial buffing sponge and dehydratedfacial konjac sponge from the superdrug pebbles range. compared side by side as new straight out of packaging.

So which should you buy? 
If you want something to replace your facial scrub that will rid you of dead skin choose the facial buffing sponge. If you tend to avoid anything scrubby because you have sensitive skin, the konjac sponge should take care of your exfoliating needs. If your fingers get tired when you're massaging your face grab the konjac for some very relaxing relief.

In conclusion I guess my advice is wait for a buy 1 get 1 free event and buy both!

Happy cleansing!
Ciao for now

Thursday, February 12

Get ready for Valentine's Romance - Top-to-Toe Beauty!

The big day that brightens up our dreary February is just about here! Whether you're settled, dating or looking let's get Valentine's ready - from top-to-toe!

 First, let's wash away the working week; it's Valentine's weekend, use one of these wonderful Dolly's Mixtures bubble baths/shower gels to make your whole Bathroom smell gorgeous!. Pina Colada, Candy floss and Bubblegum are my favourites. (Candy floss will leave you smelling like sugar) Pick out a fave for yourself from here (click);
Dolly's mixtures bubble bath and showergel. Candy floss, bubblegum, pina colada, rhubarb and custard, lemon bon-bon, strawberyy daquiri, bucks fizz, red velvet cupcake, lime mojito, vanilla cupcake.
Dolly's Mixtures Bubble bath and Shower Gel

Easy diy body scrub. Dolly's mixtures bubble bath/shower gel in pina colada
And of course get your skin silky soft with the
World's Easiest DIY Body Scrub (click)

Feet care, hard skin remover, callous revmover, cooling foot spray, foot file all to remove dry skin from heels.
Don't forget to follow-up by taking 
care of your feet! The Thickest, Hardest skin - BEGONE! (click)

Make up revolution lipstick in rebel with a cause. Superdrug plum lipstick
If you're looking for an alternative to pink and red this Valentine's day consider this beautiful plum shade from Make-up Revolution. (click for more!)

Guy friendly make up. Date make up. Vintage/retro couple kissing from the 1920s
Are you planning to get up close and cuddly? Maybe steal some kisses? Remember to apply your Guy-friendly Make-up (click); wear all the make-up you usually do without it getting in the way. From foundation to blusher, get set with your Valentine's make-up.

Leopard print hearts, glittery pink gradient ombre nails and miss sporty 3D texture crush on you nail polish with barry m yellow topaz glitter topcoat. Valentine's nails.
Pink Leopard Print Hearts                    Pink Champagne                             Valentine's Pink, Glittery Ombre
If you're a regular visitor here, welcome back (and if you're not, get following on bloglovin!!), you know I love a holiday-themed manicure! Choose from these 3 beautiful, glittery, pink Valentine's nail looks. Check them out and get an idea of the nails you want gracefully lifting your glass of prosecco or caressing his hand as he tells you how wonderful you are!! 
Prompt him if necessary ;-)

Renewing Argan oil of Morocco. Hair oil.

Just before leaving take the smallest amount of Argan Oil (click) for your hair and tame any flyaways/frizzy ends.

Library of fragrance perfumes, handbag sized. Mango, marshmallow, moonbeam, musk #7, orange blossom.

Finally, grab a bottle of some beautiful perfume to spritz yourself with and to pop into your handbag. You'll definitely find something in The Library of Fragrance (click) - Vanilla ice-cream is my favourite!

 You're smelling sweet, looking gorgeous and ready to pucker up. If you're single, play hard to get, if you're not, still play hard to get; you're a girl worth fighting for (I've listened to far too much Disney this week!) Have a wonderful weekend!
Ciao for now

Tuesday, February 10

Valentine's Nails - Pink Leopard Print Hearts

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. Nail art red, plum, pink and glitter
Here is a 3rd fun manicure that looks great on shorter nails! Go bold with all ten nails or just 1-2 on each hand as accent nails. And don't forget your Guy friendly make-up to ensure your make-up won't get in the way this Valentine's. x

Want to see the other 2 fun nail looks for Valentines Day? Try Valentine's Pink Ombre or Pink Champagne!

 You will need
  • A pale base colour - pale peach works well or try a purple theme with a pale lavender or go pure with white! I chose a very pale, chalky pink.
  • 2-3 shades of pink - go for 2 pinks and a red or 1 pink and a couple of purples according to what speaks to you!
  • A dark colour - black/brown/burgundy/purple, make sure it's the darkest colour you've got, I used a very dark burgundy
  • Toothpick or kirby grip (bobbypin)
  • And of course - glittery topcoat!

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. How to draw a heart with nail polish in nail art
To make the heart shape just draw 2 lines with the corner of your brush. Add 2-3 hearts for each nail and a collection of little blobs. Don't worry about being neat, you'll use the dark shade to round out the shape of the hearts and define the edges later.

Valentine's day nails. Pink leopard print hearts manicure. pin, red, plum and glitter nail art. Romantic and fun valentine's day how to.

To outline your shapes blob some of the dark shade onto some paper, dip in the tip of a toothpick or kirby grip (bobbypin); don't surround the whole shape, just a little on one side and a little on the other. When it comes to the hearts you can use it to define the round shapes at the top and fix any major wobbles! -- Essential when you're working on your 'other' hand! Don't forget the topcoat and to clean up the edges (something which I always forget to do.)

Finally, tweet me a picture @promisingyellow and if you want to watch a video tutorial here is the original Bubzbeauty tutorial which I have been happily adapting year after year - we all love a bit of Bubz!!

Have a fabulous Valentine's day - whether you're taken, single or looking, it's always fun to embrace the hearts and the pink and the glitter!! Let your inner barbie girl out with one of these nail looks;

Pink champagne valentines day manicure. Miss sporty 3D polish. Pink glitter barbie nails with Barry M yellow topaz
Valentines day pink ombre nails with Barry M yellow topaz glitter. Valentines day nail art manicure

Have a wonderful day, laugh, love and kiss!
Happy Valentine's day
Ciao for now

Monday, February 2

Pink Champagne nails - Warm Pink and Golden Glitter for Valentine's day!

If Barbie invented a holiday it would probably be Valentine's day - pink, red, glittery, flowers, romance, cupcakes and of course - Love! Well, thanks to the hilarious 'life in the dream house' (check it out here) I love a bit of Barbie so here are some unashamedly Barbie-fied Valentine's day nails. Pink, gold shimmery, sparkly and glittery! And incredibly quick drying.

The pink is the Miss Sporty Crush on You, 3D texture in pink bloom. Just like the orange shade in this look, it is beautifully shimmery & glittery and dries almost instantly. It has a very strange texture almost like a gentle sandpaper which I don't mind as I always wear topcoat anyway.

L-R; Barry M glitter 'Yellow Topaz', Barry M topcoat,         Miss sporty, crush on you 3D texture, without glitter or topcoat,          Miss Sporty Crush on you 3D texture 'Pink Bloom'                                  showing the rough texture                                

The glitter over the top is the gorgeous gold sprinkling of Barry M in 'yellow topaz'. One of my best nail polish purchases, it steps up almost any nail look.

The 2 together create a warm, Princessy pink that's not too pale and not to bright. Even though I'm wearing a ton of glitter, the rosy colour and the shimmery texture of the pink tone it down so that it's less "I'm-off-to-the-roller-disco-to-dance-to-some-80's-hits" and more "don't-my-fingers-look-like-gorgeous-treats-that-should-be-on-display-in-a-Parisienne-patisserie?"

The think I love most about going all-out girly with the pink and the glitter is that it catches my eye when I least expect it - when I pick up my spoon to indulge in something yummy or my boyfriend takes hold of my hand across a candlelit table (come on, this is a Valentine's post after all!) or even tap tap tapping out a blog post right now on the keyboard.

For a pink ombre Valentine's look click here. And to see the results of the other Miss Sporty 3D texture nail polish click right here.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day whether you're feeding eachother chocolate covered strawberries, out for speed dating to meet someone new or having a girls' night with wine, chocolate and giggles.
Stay loving and lovable

Sunday, February 1

Valentine's pink ombre nails!

If you want to wear bright pink and glitter on your nails but it all seems too loud, too plastic-like and a bit too childish for you, here is a great way to get some girly glitter and sparkle that lets you embrace your inner Barbie girl without that loud, "I'm wearing glitter! I wish I were 15 again!" effect. And, you can easily adapt this to suit your favourite Valentine's colours.

You will need
4 pink nail polishes from very light to deep raspberry
A sponge of some kind; a make-up sponge is best but I used a piece of kitchen scourer and it was fine. If you're really stuck use a cotton pad and slightly dampen it - very slightly!

1.) Put a blob of your lightest, almost white-pink polish on some paper, dip in your sponge and dab about halfway down your nail, use a little polish first, you can always build it up.
TIP: Keep the end of your nail bare for now, too many layers on the end of your nail will stop it from drying

 2.)Grab your light, candy-pink, blob it, dip it and dab it. Make sure you don't cover up all of the light pink we just did, try to leave a good amount peeking out

3.) Now grab your bright, true pink and concentrate it on the end of your nails. If you find you've covered up too much of the lighter shade, dab a little more on, just on the join where the 2 colours meet.

4.) Finally, get your darkest pink and dab this right on the very tips of your nails. The dark shade adds a lovely depth and finishes the coloured ombre beautifully! Again, if you need to, dip into the slightly lighter shade and dab along the join, then go back to the dark and re-do the very ends.

Let it dry

5.) Now for the real finishing touches to take it up a notch or 10!
Apply a subtle glitter all over the nail, I bought a very cheap one from the supermarket which gives a very light coverage of teeny flecks of glitter. And lastly grab a full on WOW sparkly glitter and paint it over the pink. Add a second coat just on the very tips so that the glitter has a gradient to it.

Add a top coat to keep it glued to your nails whatever you end up doing on Valentine's day [ ;-) cheeky!]  and enjoy!

And here is the Pinterest-friendly step-by-step;

This is beautiful look in purple, blue or red, it's up to you! Whether you're single with friends or in a relationship with your special other half, grab some pink flowers, make some cute cupcakes and stick on a sappy romantic film to enjoy
with a bottle of prosecco.

Stay Lovable and Loving!