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Mineral Make-up - Application Tips!

Lily lolo mineral make up, Mineral foundation and mineral blush with real techniques blush brush and ecotools travel powder brush. China doll and juicy peach are the shades.We discussed here how mineral make-up helps to fix your clogged, acne-prone skin. But what about application? How do you get a full coverage face? Do you really need to to use a giant kabuki brush? How is mineral make-up different?

With a very fine and soft texture, mineral foundation floats over the skin and settles to look unbelievably natural; you'll never get a mask-like, cakey finish. However, the main crticism of mineral foundation is that  coverage is too light. Coverage can be built up, but mineral foundation will usually provide up to medium coverage rather than full and flawless coverage.

Building coverage from Natural to Flawless!
If full coverage is what you want, it's easily solved!
1. Add a mineral finishing powder on top - Lily Lolo flawless silk is amazing!!
2. Just use a primer or BB cream/CC cream first. Just like using an eye base, a primer/BB cream will give the mineral make-up something to 'stick' to. Now despite BB cream being formulated especially for acne-prone skin, my skin doesn't like it for every day, so I do this if I need full coverage for an event or if my skin hates me today!

The Right Brush - step away from the kabuki!
Alongside the make-up you'll see these giant brushes called 'kabuki brushes'. They are absolutely enormous and as far as I can see do nothing but waste product. Forget it! Instead grab yourself a travel sized kabuki brush, a buffing brush or even a flat blusher brush. I've found this travel sized Eco-tools brush to be absolutely perfect! It's dense enough top pick up enough product, small enough to give accuracy and soft enough to blend to an airbrushed finish - you don't apply eyeliner with a paint-roller, same goes for your foundation.

mineral make up brushes, lily lolo super kabuki brush and ecotools travel powder brush for mineral foundation.

Can mineral concealer really keep my spots covered?
Mineral concealer is a surprise for those used to liquid make-up. When I first used it I thought 'how can a powder possibly cover my spots?' Again, mineral make-up is not powder as we know it. It is also somehow 'thicker' than the foundation to do a good job of covering redness. Using a small eyeshadow brush with soft, slightly fluffy bristles, dab product right onto the spot and, using the very tips of the bristles, gently sweep away the excess product from around the spot.
          The concealer glides over  uneven texture of those spots we couldn't resist popping, and stick to the red angry spots when liquid simply wipes off.

Lily Lolo mineral concealer in barely buff. mineral make up.

Do I need finishing powder?
I have oily/combination skin, I find I don't need to add finishing powder! Although for that flawless, long-lasting coverage the Lily Lolo flawless silk powder is brilliant. It's hard to explain, slightly iridescent, it just sort of blurs everything together and makes your skin glow. Worth a try of you're looking for a finishing powder or have an event coming up.

Do I really need mineral blusher?
My cheeks have larger pores on them so I'm sticking with minerals there too. Mineral blush can be a little too sheeny and not provide enough colour pay-off so go for something which is labelled matte and don't be scared by the colours, I have super-pale see-through Nicole Kidman skin and these two colours are absolutely perfect for me!

Lily Lolo mineral blush, mineral make up in shades juicy peach and candy girl.

If you decide to make the switch good for you! You'll be seeing the results very quickly and I'm certain you won't want to go back to the smeary liquids out there!

1. Make the toner - check!
2. Oil cleansing method - check!
3. Switch to mineral make-up - check!
And just like that your acne's on the run, we're kicking its ass!

My brand of choice is Lily-Lolo; it's the only brand I've ever tried and the £13.49 price tag looked great next to the £25+ of some of the more showbizzy brands. It's also fully vegan and BUAV approved, so none of our furry friends have suffered for my vanity.

Ciao for now

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