Saturday, January 24

HOW many face products??!!?!

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So I counted up the products in my entire beauty routine, from top to toe (not including make up and nails) it comes to 35 products - 35!! did THAT number shock the life out of me, I thought I was much more low maintenance these days! 16 products out of 35 are just for my face.

It got me thinking, I am 5"8; arms, legs, back, hips, and yet my face, my little face, is responsible for nearly half my beauty regime. The mad thing is (apart from that giant number) my face is such a small part of my body. Mathematically it's probably less than 5% of my entire body but gets nearly 50% of my beauty products.

And that doesn't include my sizeable makeup case and all its paraphernalia!

We spend so much time and money on our face it seems crazy that I'm so lazy in looking after the rest of my body. I guess it's because our face is on show and it's our 'communications centre'. If our body were a TV network our face would be the presenters. When I think about what someone looks like I'm seeing their face, not their left hand or calves; we are our face. Our face represents who we are, how we feel, says what we want and expresses what we think. And yes of course our body language can be very expressive but not as clearly as our faces right?

But it still seems silly that I can spend well over an hour in the mirror making my face look good, a spot or two makes me feel revolting and my blocked pores invade my thoughts while the rest of my body just is. If I get a spot or two on my upper arm who cares right?

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking, how strange and weird to have so much time, money, stress, photos and thoughts spent over such a teeny tiny proportion of my body.

And yes, if you were wondering, it really is 35 products, count up your own beauty routine, how many products do you use? I bet you'll surprise yourself!

Ciao for now

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