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DIY facemask pic 'n' mix cheat sheet!

It's always fun to mix up your own facemask; creating your own skincare, as well as delivering brilliant results. But searching through YouTube videos for just the right one with all the ingredients you just happen to have in your kitchen cupboard right now can take ages! Instead, here is a quick pic n mix, DIY facemask cheat sheet with some extra tips to get the best from the ingredients.
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As you can see honey, as an all time hero skincare ingredient is in every category, easiest facemask ever right? Just decide what it is you need and mix up a batch!  Here are some examples to try;

Cocoa powder + natural yoghurt + oatmeal = soothing, calming and hydrating mask  
Bentonite clay + green tea + bi-carbonate of soda = cleansing and acne-killing
Oat milk + honey + compressed facemask = soothing and hydrating
Avocado(mashed) + rosehip oil + oat meal = anti-aging and moisturising

Of course you can add in your own ingredients too; egg, mashed banana, mashed strawberries and rice flour are all commonly used DIY facemask ingredients. Experiment and find something you like.

Tips for using the ingredients;

Bicarbonate of soda - Use sparingly as it can be irritating to sensitive skin and don't leave on the face for more than 10 minutes max. Best kept to the t-zone

Honey - warm it first; the consisitency changes dramatically

Oatmeal - oats in a blender, easy!

Oat milk - oats and water in a blender, soak for 15 minutes and strain through a muslin cloth or sieve.

Avocado - get a really ripe soft one that's easy to mash

Bentonite clay - doesn't play well with all the ingredients, best used as the main ingredient; don't bother adding it to avocado, yoghurt, oatmilk or oatmeal

Tea tree oil - go easy and don't get around your eyes!

Apple cider vinegar - always dilute it, don't use raw

Cocoa powder and honey - add another ingredient to dilute the consistency, I once took out my cocoa powder + honey facemask from the fridge to find I'd accidentally made fudge!! Tasted good though.

If your facemask comes out too runny just add some oatmeal to soak up some of that extra liquid.
... and yes, it's perfectly fine to add cocoa powder just to make it smell nice!

Put the left overs in a sealed tub in the fridge to keep for about a week - the smell will tell you when it's gone bad. Get in the kitchen, have some fun and pamper yourself for pennies!

Good luck!
Ciao for now

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