Friday, January 30

11 Important Points to keep in mind on your Beauty Journey

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1. Everyone's skin is different - the products you use, the way you use them and the results you get will be different to everyone else! Don't be disheartened if you don't get the same results as your best friend; adapt products to suit your skin; for example I oil cleanse every day, sometimes twice a day but your skin may love a twice a week oil cleanse instead.

2. The shops, brands and their employees don't care about you - they want to sell you stuff, they want you to buy their stuff. They don't care if it'll work for you, they just want your money! Even the people on the shop floor may enjoy talking to you, they may even say 'what a nice girl she was' when you leave, but they care about themselves and their own job more - always be suspicious of the things they tell you and sell you!

3. "Helps improve the appearance of..." - blackheads, fine lines, dry skin? This is marketing speak for "we won't make it worse" and means nothing. At all.

4. Buyer beware - just because it's in a shiny bottle, sitting on a glass podium, under a spotlight, with a celebrity's face looming in the background -- doesn't mean it'll work. In fact with that amount of effort it probably doesn't!

5. Knowledge of ingredients and how they work will help you to buy better - There are a lot of glycolic face washes around at the moment. If you wash glycolic away it won't do a damn thing. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid need to be on your skin for an extended period before they start working - know your ingredients before you start spending.

6. "your skin will get worse before it gets better" - is a myth.* If a product is making your skin worse and causing irritation, stop using it, it's not right.

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Know your Blackheads, KILL your blackheads
7. You can return skincare items if you don't like them - keep your receipt and write to/email the company directly and tell them exactly why you don't like it. If it was an allergic reaction the shop will almost always take it back.

8. We're all battling some issue - all of us; nobody has perfect skin, we've all got our issues, never think you are alone with your acne/flaky skin/lined forehead/dark circles/eye-bags in a sea of perfect-faced people. We're all in this together!

9. Just because it's 'natural' doesn't mean it's good for your skin or that it won't irritate. . . .

10. . . .Just because it's a 'chemical' doesn't mean it's bad for your skin or will irritate.

11. And finally, looking good is no substitute for friendship, love and being a good person. Achieving good skin can be life-changing for those of us who've suffered, but let's face it, there are far more important things; we are so much more than the way we look! Talent, compassion, intelligence, loyalty, wit, empathy, hard work.
                          I think the Aussie philosophy sums it up best; "there's more to life than hair [or in this case beauty], but it's a good place to start."

As always I wish you well on your journey to clear, beautiful skin! If you're wondering about chemical exfoliation click here, if you're trying to clear your acne try this DIY toner and if you can't face the day without make-up but know it's making your acne worse, try this post about mineral make-up for acne prone skin.

Ciao for now

*As always my advice does not take into account cystic acne, I am aware that some medications such as accutane can indeed make skin worse before it gets better. Cystic acne needs proper consultation with a trained medical professional and a super strong mental attitude x

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